Haas F1 struggle with front wing failures

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With front wing issues in pre-season testing, Spain, Bahrain and now Canada, you might think there is an issue with the Haas F1 wing on its 2016 chassis. You might be right. In fact, according to the team, they are working with their chassis fabricators, Dallara, to remedy the situation. Team boss Guenther Steiner said:

“Dallara doesn’t take the decision on how and who is making it, that is still Haas F1,” he said.

“What is difficult to understand is how high the standard of F1 is with all the parts, compared to in GP2 and IndyCar.

“It’s a big gap in between. There are only 10 companies that know how to do it and they are the 10 Formula 1 teams.

“What we will bring to Dallara is to get to that standard and it is our responsibility to take them there.

“I would not see this as a negative to Dallara, you cannot know what you don’t know, so we have to bring it to them with our own people.

“Even this year we made already big steps, both in terms of weight and quality of parts.

“But next year we need to be where the other teams are and we will be.”

He’s being very magnanimous here with regards to Dallara as they do make race cars after all but he’s right in that they haven’t made an F1 tub in quite a while. To add to that, it does seem a bit odd that they can’t get on top of the issue but then it may be a design issue that transcends just the front wing but involves the tub as well as the latch points of the wing and loads the wing experiences. Just pure speculation on my part.

It is an issue they need to get on top of, not just for next year but for the remainder of the season and this weekend is as good of a place as any.



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From and engineering perspective, it wouldn’t surprise me if it was a different part that broke as the previously broken part was strengthened. Or broken the same part in a completely different manner. There is always one part that is (by definition) the weakest, and since F1 cars are designed so close to the edge of material limits…

Roger Flerity

Carbon is a wonderful material that can take a lot.. until it can’t, or is pushed in a direction it was not intended to be pushed – at which time it pops like glass. Remember Buemi in the STR, China 2010, stepping on the brakes only to have the front wishbones pop like they were made of balsa, sending him into the gravel with no front wheels? Now THAT was a failure! Haas and Dallara will figure the wing thing out, its just teething issues for a wet behind the ears collaboration.

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