Haas F1’s Grosjean wants brake supplier change

Haas F1 struggled with brake issues last season and it seems they may still have lingering issues in the sunrise of the 2017 season as well if testing is any proof. According to reports, the team is still struggling with their Brembo brake system as well as understeer in this week during testing in Barcelona.

Brembo have taken quite a punch from Haas over last season and now this week as Romain Grosjean told reporters he feels the team need a new supplier.

“I’m not going into detail, but I don’t like it,” he told Autosport.

“I can’t wait to get back to something different.”

When pressed by Autosport whether Carbon Industries is the solution to their ills, “It is the solution.

“Now, when will it arrive? I don’t know.”

I’m not brake specialist but Brembo know how to make them and Haas isn’t the only team on the grid that use them. They are, however, the only Dallara chassis using them on the grid and it seems possible that this chassis design—and the evolution to 2017—just isn’t playing well with the brakes. I supposed it could be possible that the expectations of how the brakes should operate are misaligned as well but brake failure last season seems to scuttle that notion.

Temperatures are cooler in winter testing and the team is running multiple setup changes in order to determine the pliability of their chassis to changes as well as potential future upgrades so perhaps the brakes are being put to a serious test. In Haas F1’s defense, the brakes should be able to cope.

I also have to believe that Brembo and Haas F1 as well as Dallara are working hard to find a cure to the issues they are having. I have not read any comments that new driver Kevin Magnussen has had regarding the brakes during testing.

Hat Tip: Autosport

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jim gilroy

Who else on the grid is using a Dallara chassis?

Salvu Borg

If Grosjean was quoted correctly (article headline) Grosjean the driver has certainly crossed and went over his line/duties as a driver for the Haas team.

Salvu Borg

Dallara manufactures the “Haas chassis design”

jim gilroy

Yeah but the article above says they are the only Dallara chassis using Brembo brakes, i didn’t think anyone else uses a Dallara chassis

Salvu Borg

yes you are correct, It is the only chassis used in F1 that is made by Dallara, what I meant (my point) was the chassis design is Haas and Dallara manufacture it.

Fred Talmadge

Just changing suppliers is not the answer. Understanding the problem is. If it’s the chassis then you just wasted time and money switching brakes and you are no further along, well except now you know it’s not the brakes.


It very well could be the Brembo brakes. In sports cars Oreca switched from Brembo to AP after problems. Indycar is starting the switch from Brembo to PFC this year after complaints from drivers for several years.



I wondered last year if the problem was Haas getting up to speed with the brake-by-wire technology, but that should be less of an issue in their second season. Also, don’t forget that Mercedes has looked at different brake suppliers also.

Salvu Borg

The Haas team are supplied with a FERRARI powertrain and that includes the BBW system, whatever system/make is used the hardware (brake discs, brake pads, brake calipers) of any of the current producers can be used, even a mix of two different makes on a car, the BBW system concerns two parameters, harvesting and front to rear brake balance, both of which are controlled by computer mapping (software), to start to understand what can be done/achieved//manipulated with computer software manipulation and the consequences that can result, I recommend tracing and reading the FIA Marusia/Manor/Bainci technical report.


They may need to adjust the nut that holds the steering wheel.