Haas to bid on Marussia in asset auction

Marussia’s assets will be up for auction on Tuesday and one bidder might be Gene Haas of the newly formed Haas Formula F1 team. With a launch date of 2016, the team will be looking at certain items from the Marussia collection in which to bid on.

The auction gearboxes, steering wheels and a 2013 chassis. Haas said:

“We have got the Marussia auction list so I think we will be bidders for some of that stuff.”

The team are looking at property around Abingdon, Oxfordshire for a possible HQ but aren’t discounting Marussia’s HQ in Banbury.

Gene says they are planning on doing things differently than Marussia or Caterham and that will be a big step toward survival in F1:

“If we did it the way Caterham and Marussia did it we would have the same result so I think we are going to do it differently,” he said. “A lot of the teams in the UK build everything themselves. They seem to have this English mentality that this is the way it has to be done and that is just not our business model at all.”

The team is acquiring a lot of their technical elements from Ferrari for the 2016 season. It is an interesting commentary given the notion that it is a “Constructor’s Championship” meaning the team build their own. That has always been the spirit of the series and it is the very thing that Sir Frank Williams reminds folks when people bring up the concept of customer cars.

How much of the technology Haas can buy will mitigate the need to design his own systems just as it has for Marussia and Sauber who used Ferrari components. If they can reduce their costs by acquiring some of the assets of Marussia, it may be a big help.

There are some question marks over the stability of the regulations and I am sure Haas is keeping an eye on those concerns. The good news is that if there is a change to the regulations or tweaking, as a customer Haas will benefit from his Ferrari contract because the burden of making engine changes will be the Italian team’s load and Haas will be delivered a fresh technical package to spec no matter what the changes are for 2016.

Hat Tip: Guardian

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