Hamilton a future pop star

In case you were concerned about what Lewis Hamilton would do with his spare time, it seems he doesn’t have any. According to an interview, he spends all his time in the recording studio and has revealed that music is his life.

“I have been writing a lot, even on race weeks,” he said. “When I was in Japan, I was in the studio, Monday to Wednesday. Then, Thursday to Sunday, I was racing. Then I was straight back in the studio.”

Racing seems to be a secondary issue for Lewis and you have to admire a guy who is all about becoming a pop star and in his spare time winning a world championship.

One wouldn’t have to go very far off the path to figure out where the influence comes from. If you were afraid that he might get too strung out, not to worry, he’s built a new studio at his house so he and Nicole can just stay home and record hit after hit:

“I built the studio (in my home) for Nicole, so she didn’t have to leave the house to go back to LA, and now she can hardly get in because I’m always in it,” he said. He also tries to visit local studios whenever he is abroad, “put[ting] down thoughts” in the recording booth instead of “going out after the race”.

There you have it. You might be exchanging your Mercedes swag for a Lewis Hamilton poster and new CD. Hope this doesn’t get too distracting like it seemed to get a few years ago…we’d be deprived from more championship-winning performances. Then again, if you read Jay Z’s comments about his mad singing skillz, you might not care if he gives up on F1 in favor of becoming pop star icon.

Hat Tip: The Guardian

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