Hamilton: A woman will kick everyone’s A**

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Lewis Hamilton figures it is just a matter of time before a female racer comes along and claims the F1 championship. Speaking to the paragon or truth, The Sun, he thinks that person will be very good. Although I am really not sure what the world “evolving” has to do with a woman being a race car driver.

I guess evolution plays a role in the equation since just recently Bernie Ecclestone said that woman are like appliances. If that is true, they need to evolve from white goods with no arms and legs to full-fledged humans with arms, legs and a lead foot I guess. I’ve seen “your girl Nicole” and she has arms and legs so perhaps Lewis good get his girlfriend a ride at force India next year? Hey, don’t dismiss it, Ralf Schumacher’s wife raced Mini’s.

“As the world evolves a woman is bound to come along and kick everyone’s a***. I’ll hope for the best when that comes.”


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