Hamilton accepts challenge; Hamilton declines challenge

Lewis Hamilton was challenged, and accepted, to a Triathlon by Jenson Button.  After ribbing Jenson that he was in better shape than the Honda driver; Jenson threw down the gauntlet and Lewis was goaded into accepting by David Coulthard’s “man-challenge” talk.  All of this is funny and in good spirit but the sad thing is that Anthony Hamilton had to cancel Lewis’s appearance at the charity event.  Thus proving, once again, that the Hamilton camp need a good PR manager and that Anthony is not capable of handling it.  Not because he canceled but because Lewis said yes in the first place.  The full exchange from the Telegraph:

Hamilton: “I’ve noticed that Jenson has a bit of a belly!”

Button: “They’re called muscles.”

Referring to Button’s participation in the Windsor triathlon, Hamilton piped up: “Well you’ve just done some event recently. What was that?”

Button: “It was a triathlon.”

Hamilton: “I’m not going to say that I could beat him at that, but generally I work my a*** off. You work your a*** off to be fitter than me, and you’ve got to believe that you’re fitter than me and it’s the same the other way.”

Button: “I do believe.”

Hamilton: “It would be good to have a challenge.”

Button: “I’ve got a triathlon on July 27 if you’re interested.

Hamilton: “Where’s your strongest point?”

Button: “Mm, all of them!”

At which point Hamilton started to wobble. “I’ll probably be working or doing something else.”

Having none of it, Coulthard urged: “He’s throwing down a man challenge. You can’t turn down a man challenge.”

Machismo pricked, Hamilton accepted: “I’m a competitor so I’m one to say yes.”

A £10,000 charity bet was struck and a posse of F1 reporters were ready to pack their bags for Bath on July 27, the proposed scene of battle.

Enter Hamilton Snr. “Lewis accepted the challenge like the good sport he is but his manager [Hamilton Snr himself] has decided to withdraw him from it. He is in the middle of the world championship and his focus is on that.”

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Lewis Hamilton is a pussy. AND a lousy driver. He is ONLY where he is because he has always had a great car. He is NO WHERE NEAR the great drivers in terms of skill. He sucks. Fuck Lewis Hamilton. Total, TOTAL ASSHOLE!