Hamilton: Banking on McLaren KERS

Lewis Hamilton feels his KERS may just be what is needed to give McLaren a real shot at a podium position. Starting from 4th place, Hamilton will employ the KERS unit to help him launch past his rivals and take an early lead.

His launch at the German Grand Prix was stunning and nearly placed in the lead of that race passing both Mark Webber and Rubens Barrichello. If it weren’t for the brief touch of Webbers front wing that rendered the tire flat on Hamilton’s McLaren—he may have finished in the points.

Hamilton said:

“It was so hard out there this afternoon,” Hamilton said. “Maybe we could have been closer to the front because my final lap wasn’t a great one, but fourth is a good position from which to start tomorrow’s race.

“We’re still not quick enough and need to keep pushing but, nonetheless, it feels great to be back up there competing for the first few rows on the grid.

“I have a few cars to try and boost past so I hope there’s some good grip on my side of the grid – it would be fantastic to get the lead into the first corner,” he said.

The single most important factor at the start tomorrow will be the KERS equipped McLarens of Lewis Hamilton and Heikki Kovalainen.

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