Hamilton beat ‘supposed best’

Lewis Hamilton is still feeling proud of his drive in Austin at the United States Grand Prix on Sunday as he reflected on his own performance telling Sky:

“I think I stamped my mark on the sport and showed I have the status that the others do,” Hamilton said.

“Even though I am not competing for first or second in the Championship I still hold that drive. I just beat the supposed best.

“I think I have been driving at my best all year, getting stronger and stronger and this was my strongest performance of the year.

“To be able to push and not make mistakes and to hunt Sebastian down and see him make mistakes is a great feeling.

“They say you are only as good as your last race. It would be nice to be battling for the Championship but that is the way that it is, so I have to be grateful for where I am and what we have achieved.

“We would have had a lot more wins but for the problems we have had. But this makes the rest disappear and allows us to move forward and smile.”

He’s beat the “supposed best” and that’s not an easy challenge. I’d argue, and have, that Lewis is driving better this year than he ever has and was on another planet Sunday. I’d also argue that his move to Mercedes will challenge his patience because he likes to win and that’s not something the Silver Arrows is doing of late.

I’d also add that the “supposed best” is a 2-time champion and in a weeks time will probably make it a 3-time champion and while he’s in a Newey car, it takes more than just that to do what Sebastian Vettel has done and the impact he’s had on Formula One.

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