Hamilton becomes McLaren’s lab rat

When you have a couple of races left in the season but you’ve already signed with another team for next year, things can get a little odd. How much information does the team really want to divulge to you? What technical data are you going to have access too? Let’s face it, Lewis Hamilton’s time at McLaren is waning and it seems that the team ran 2013 parts on his car during practice without him even knowing it. Sky Sports has the call:

“Sam Michael told us at lunchtime that Lewis Hamilton was running parts for next year but McLaren didn’t tell Hamilton because they didn’t want him to know what they were,” revealed Ted Kravitz during The F1 Show.

When asked about “the experimental parts on your car”  at the end of Friday’s running by Sky Sports News’ Craig Slater, Hamilton said:

“No, we don’t,” Lewis said. “We don’t have anything new this weekend. We just have some modifications of things we already had. There’s no point bringing some extra bits if you don’t understand what some of the components do.”

Wonder how Lewis will take the news that he’s been a lab rat for McLaren’s 2013 development program?


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