Hamilton: Brawn was just an added bonus, nothing more

The continuing saga over the possible departure of Ross Brawn from Mercedes AMG Petronas is the topic of conversation, as many said it would be, on Thursday. It’s for good reason because Brawn as a track record of waking up in the morning and winning races by mid-day.

While Niki Lauda is rattling off quotes about trying to keep Brawn, Lewis Hamilton is singing a different tune. Andrew Benson at the BBC has the call:

“When I made the decision it was based on a lot more things than just Ross. Ross wasn’t the only thing I came here for.

“It was a bonus to have Ross here because of how much experience he had had and the success he had in his previous teams.

“At the time he was the one who came and showed me the progress the team were making and the direction they were going. But any boss would have done that. We’ve had a great working relationship.”

So Ross really isn’t that big of a deal and to be frank, he’s just an added bonus. Sort of like attending a conference to hear Tony Robbins and finding out you won a door prize of tooth-whitening toothpaste.

Fair enough, I suppose, but for a guy who was instrumental in luring Hamilton away from McLaren, it’s a bit of a cold statement. Then again, what would I expect Lewis to say? He loves Ross and the team will collapse without him? Of course not. Lewis is right, it just seems a little cool, that’s all.

Mercedes will survive without Ross but will it win? That’s the question isn’t it? Toto Wolff may have cash but he doesn’t have a track record of leading F1 teams to title does he? Neither does Niki Lauda. We’ll see what happens but at this point, I think we need a Ross revolution. Let’s see him move to Williams and revive that once-majestic team!

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