Hamilton, Button already BFF’s

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With all the talk centered on the intra-team battles this year it may be best to start looking toward Italy or Germany instead of Woking. Apparently McLaren driver Lewis Hamilton is enjoying the presence of world champion Jenson Button this year and seems to get along just fine with him…when they can find him:

“We haven’t seen him too much over the last few days, but we get on really well,” said Hamilton.

“Jenson is very open about his feeling and vice versa. I’m really enjoying working with him and I think he’s a great influence on the team. He’s really very, very competitive and a well-rounded guy.”

This kind, collegial nature is a fresh approach to a risky move by McLaren to host two world champions with strong competitive spirits. In fact, we all enjoyed it the first time around in 2007 when it was the Fernando Alonso/Lewis Hamilton pairing. The difference surely will be that the 2007 version was only ever going to end in tears while the 2010 redux may just survive the tests of egos.

Hamilton Button

I’m not banking on it and one reason I have doubts is that Hamilton is already referring to himself as a pronoun. Of did he mean that his father and he had not seen Button? It’s so hard to tell these days what with Rossi going full-in by referring to himself in third person.


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