Hamilton close to $40m deal, #LeBronsucks

According to the BBC’s effervescent Andrew Benson, Lewis Hamilton is close to inking his new contract with Mercedes in the neighborhood of $40m per year. That’s Alonso money right there but it isn’t LeBron James money ($72m) or Cristiano Ronaldo money ($80m) although it is more than Wayne Rooney money ($23m) which means that should Lewis ever need a hair transplant procedure, he’ll be able to afford it.

The deal is supposed to have a base salary of $31m with performance bonuses equaling the delta. Lewis said the deal is close:

“It should be done this week. There is no reason it shouldn’t.

“Honestly, it’s 99.6% done. There’s no negotiating left, it’s just legal stuff.”

Lewis, it’s that “legal stuff” that always ends up bighting people in the bum so read the small print and demand dual indemnification, mate.

Hamilton will be in rare air as far as F1 salaries go but it’s not unheard of. Alonso is rumored to make $40m per year t McLaren and Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel is set to get a one-time chunk of $50m this year with subsequent years in the neighborhood of $30m with performance bonuses.

A guy can buy a lot of dog food for Roscoe with that kind of money and might even be able to afford a dinner and night out with Tamara Ecclestone and her husband, less baby-sitter fees of course.

I’m not sure how much Nicole Scherzinger makes but suffice it to say, her fishing line snapped on a big fish right there. In keeping with tradition, Lewis has agreed to send us a large payment of $0 for being fans of his and carrying water for Formula 1 here in the US. He likes the US and while we Yankees find his accent cute, we do like when he putters around in Colorado posting pictures and humble brags of him and his jet. We agreed we’d run more of those stories and photos in reciprocation of his generous donation.

One group that may not be too keen about his new contract is the UK taxing authorities as he’s taken up house in Monaco and that has some folks—usually Lewis Hamilton malcontents—unhappy with his choice of where to put Roscoe’s food bowl.

If I were Lewis, I’d buy a house with a couch in Stevenage and move there just to go old school like Rocky 16 or whichever one that was. You know, the one where Rocky starts punching dead cows again. Then the UK folks would be happy because they’d get a huge tax increase and could finally afford free lessons for the public on how to speak and spell correct English. I JEST!! You know I love my British friends and am an avowed Anglophile. Trust me, I love the British much more than they love me. Fact!

Hat Tip: BBC’s Andrew Benson

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Tom Firth

By heck, bit of brass t’at lad.

Sod' Law

What he said.

Tom Firth

Ha, I’m just butchering the local “english” dialect ;-)


Chip chip cheerios guv’nah!


If that’s the market rate, good on him. I find it absurd thinking any single person has earned that sort of income for any skill set, but that’s a matter of general perception, not a knock on his accomplishments and value. It’s such an odd thing to me, the UK tabloids condemning its stars for enhancing their financial status. Are the Nick Masons and Benedict Cumberbatch’s similarly scrutinized? Despite spending a fair bit of time abroad, my professional circle’s a poor judge of the general pop’s pulse regarding celebs. Hamilton seems sensitive to his public image, as if despite his… Read more »

SJ Skid

Where are you getting that LeBron money, Todd? With the NBA salary cap, isn’t he in the teens? Are you including endorsements? With Lewis’ endorsements, he might be approaching those lofty figures.

Shall we talk about the $100+M Mayweather and Pacquiao each will make for one night’s work?

SJ Skid

Discus won’t accept my password, NC.

Negative Camber

That’s strange. Did you create the user in Disqus or use the WP login?

Negative Camber

Yeah, it’s total income and you’re right, Lewis could equal more with endorsements but I’m not sure how many he has. Here is the list: http://www.forbes.com/athletes/list/#tab:overall

kevin k

F1 has to have the biggest disparity in worth for their athletes- from guys having to attract sponsors to get a seat, to this contract.