Hamilton contract lingers, no #1 driver request

If we didn’t get our weekly podcast out on Monday evening and a few days passed, some folks may start to consider something may be going awry. If the site went down due to the server host having issues, then the rumors might start to grow. It’s normal and typical when things aren’t puttering along like folks expect.

That’s kind of the way things are going with the new contract for Lewis Hamilton. It’s taking quite a while for the deal to be completed and several weeks ago, it was said to be all but a done deal. As of today, we still have no announcement of a signed contract between Mercedes and Hamilton.

This breeds guesses and conspiracies as to what may be going on and one of those rumors is that perhaps Hamilton has asked for a few things the team cannot agree to. One of those rumors is that the 2014 world champion has asked to be number one driver for the team.

Who knows if that is true but I cannot imagine that Lewis would hold out on a contract over that kind of language. I could be wrong but he doesn’t strike me as a guy who would demand that type of language in his contract. Sure, drivers would like to be the assigned number one driver for any team they race for but that reality isn’t too pervasive these days.

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff said:

“That’s not the case – and he wouldn’t ask for that clause because that is not what we do and I think he appreciates how we manage the team and give both drivers equal status,” the Mercedes team chief told Craig Slater.

“It is down to the detail. We have discussed and negotiated for a long time. We have sorted out the main terms since a couple of months already and it’s just a little bit of ping-pong between the lawyers. This is the normal process.”

“I would really wish to sort it out in the next couple of days or weeks, without putting ourselves under pressure because this is a great relationship among us. We want to win races and just put the signed contract into the drawer.”

What seemed to be a contract that simply was waiting to be completed after the last race in 2014 has now turned into a negotiation that is taking six months to finalize. The commentary is playing down the issue but certainly there are sticking issues and this is the first year that Hamilton is managing his own career negotiations.

Who knows if number one driver stipulations, brown M&M’s or special accouterments for Coco or Roscoe are in this contract but I’m guessing it may have something to do with money…it usually does.

Hat Tip: Sky Sports F1

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Negative Camber

Ok, so maybe it’s a poor choice of words. Maybe I should have use “lallygag”.


No need to apologize, it’s a great tune from my youth!


Why would Lewis need to ask Mercedes for #1 status, considering that Rosberg is his teammate.


He’s holding out to see what happens this year. If he takes a second title with mercades what else is there to do but move on to pastures that will be greener in the future. I think he wants to win this year and start beside Vettel at Ferrari the next.