Hamilton Crashes Porsche

Yikes!  A $600,000 Porsche was wrecked by Anthony Hamilton 200 meters from his home.  Apparently Lewis gets his incredible talent from his mother’s side.

McLaren Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton’s father has crashed a borrowed sports car into a children’s playground, according to reports.

The British newspaper The Daily Telegraph said 47-year-old Hamilton, who also manages his son’s Formula One career, apologised for the damage after he lost control just 200 metres from his home in Hertfordshire (UK).

A witness told another newspaper, The Mirror: “He started revving the car really hard and wheel spinned off.  He had the roof down and looked at me before he put his foot down. He roared off and 50 yards down the road lost it on the corner.”

The $600,000 silver Porsche Carrera GT, which ploughed through a hedge aside the 30mph country road, was photographed with significant damage after police arrived.

“This is my first crash in almost 30 years and it had to happen in someone else’s car,” Anthony Hamilton said.

“Thankfully the only thing hurt was the car, and a bush fence, for which I am extremely sorry.”

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