Hamilton critical of ‘ridiculous’ chicane!

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Lewis Hamilton is not happy after Friday’s free practice session 1 and 2. In fact, he’s not happy with the circuit and to be frank, he’s letting every know about it. Mr. Pablo Elizalde at AUTOSPORT has the story.

“I think they made the track worse,” said Hamilton of the changes. “The chicane is probably the worst corner I’ve ever driven in Formula 1. I mean, it’s just ridiculous.

“Last year was already small, but now it’s just more dangerous. We saw one car take off already, I think Adrian Sutil.

“You approach that corner at 160 mph and you have to brake down. If something goes wrong or someone’s brakes fail and hits one of those kerbs, we are going to see a nasty accident.”

With all deference to Pablo, I’ll let you see the rest of the story at AS…but check it out, there is more information that Lewis provides.

The McLaren’s were 3rd and 5th in free practice 2 with Hamilton behind not only the Red Bull’s and Ferrari but his teammate Jenson Button as well. If I know Lewis, this is not sitting well and he knows the pressure he is facing on a circuit that was never rumored to favor the Woking-based team yet Hamilton is a fighter and being off pace is only going to fuel his performance.

There are precious few races left and to have any hope of claiming the title, McLaren has to get it right on tracks that favor the Red Bull’s dominant down force. IT is a tall order and I know Hamilton must be frustrated as they were hoping to have solved their low-downforce config for the final races. Then there is the chicane that has caused problems in the past. If fact, Singapore circuit officials did do work on the track and re-profiled some of the curbing for a more smooth transition but it apparently is not enough for Lewis…who can blame him? He’s behind the eight-ball and needs to be on his A-game and a circuit that is not up to snuff is only making it that much more difficult for him–then again, Vettel, Webber, Button and Alonso aren’t having as much problem with it.


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