Hamilton doesn’t need advice from Stewart or Hill

In a follow up piece; Lewis Hamilton has told Daily Mail that:

‘I’m in a unique position,’ said Hamilton. ‘Nobody has felt exactly the same things as I’ve felt. The only person I really take advice from is my Dad (Anthony). He’s great. He says the right things. He’s guided me the whole way through my career. So if I have any questions, I ask him.

‘I don’t doubt his motives. And I’m old enough to know whether to take his advice and also when to make my own decisions.

‘Whenever I speak to Damon or Jackie I do take what they say on board, but I’m not going to go searching them out and ask how I can be world champion. I want to do it on my own. I got to where I am on my own, with my family.’

At which Mr. McEvoy says:

Saturday morning and he went sailing in the Hugo Boss boat off the Isle of Wight. Embarrassingly, it crashed before the race. More pertinently, it underlined the suspicion that Hamilton’s celebrity lifestyle is running away with him.

And tomorrow’s flight to Amsterdam, where he will be unveiled as a Reebok ambassador — in exchange for about £10million — will do nothing to dispel the notion that Hamilton Inc, the money-making machine, is being put ahead of Hamilton, the fully focused racer.

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