Hamilton down to .4% on new contract

It’s down to just .4%. That’s all that remains between Lewis Hamilton and a new contract with Mercedes AMG Petronas. According to press reports, the 2-time world champ says they are very close to a deal, in fact, they are at 99.6% to be exact. Hamilton rubbished the reports that he was at a standstill with Mercedes over contract negotiations saying:


“That is not the case. It is utter bullshit, basically.

“All stories that have come out about money are generally bullshit.”

Asked as to when matters would be finalised, Hamilton replied: “You’ll see it in Monaco – I will have some news for you in Monaco.”


That’s an odd number…not literally but figuratively speaking. Why 99.6%? Why not 99% or 99.9% which is the usually verbiage used when speaking of deals like this? I’m going to guess that .4% is a big of a booger. Something like the team paying for all his jet fuel or a big rock that the two sides are having to chip away at.

Regardless, Lewis says he’ll have big new in Monaco and wouldn’t it be odd if that announcement wasn’t with Mercedes? Some have implied that he’s been speaking with Ferrari while others have him riding off in the sunset to become a music industry mogul. Who knows?

I suspect we’ll get a new multi-year deal with Mercedes but it wouldn’t surprise me if it takes longer than Monaco. I also wonder just how much patience a team, any team, has when stringing details of a contract out are at play?

On many levels, Mercedes would do very well to re-sign Lewis for many obvious reasons but there is a limit on compensation and how long they might be willing to string this out. If it’s Lewis, that time is probably long and the compensation levels are probably very high. We’ll have to wait and see.


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.4% of contract remaining
Lewis is #44
F1 cars have 4 wheels

I smell a conspiracy…

Bacon Wrapped Sushi

Half-Life 4 confirmed? Oh wait…

Jason Paul

There’s no way I’d leave that seat before the new rules took effect.


It’s hard to imagine there would be a better team / car to be in, if your aim is to win multiple championships.
I think that is Hamiltons main motivation, and by all accounts they money he’s been offered isn’t too bad, so there must be some other ‘aspirational’ issues that are the barriers to signing.
Is Hamilton aiming to become F1’s David Beckham? (Insert name of equivalent North American / Asian / European / Indian / South American / African, Sports Star become media and fashion icon character).


I can’t imagine Lewis announcing a move to Ferrari in Monaco – unless he was going to shift teams mid-season….

It’s just way to early for 2016 seats to be filled…

Negative Camber

Lewis has been hanging around Nikki…you can tell. “utter bullshit”.

Dr T

That is not quite as definitive as “total” – he’s leaving 0.4% wiggle room in case it’s not total


But did he pronounce it like the Lauda-rator?


I hear that one of the slight niggles in the contract is he wants to keep all the trophies that he wins. Don’t see why 1 of them isn’t happy with a replica or something.


Oh and i forgot to add that he wants to keep the winning car if he wins a 2nd championship with them. Maybe a bigger deal breaker than some trophies.


Mercedes have 600+ people plus a big sack of cash to make the cars good enough to finish 1 & 2 most races. If I were Toto I’d have a real problem handing over the trophies and car to one (already very well rewarded) team member.
If those really are part of Hamiltons expectations, I’d be thinking of unplugging the offending driver module and plugging in a less entitled one. Its what Ron would do.

Paul KieferJr

The only reason that I see this playing out like this is that Merc’s trying to put the pressure on Hamilton, trying to get him to agree to their terms. HAM’s obviously not one to be taken advantage of, but I’ll bet they’re thinking that they’ve got him over a barrel because they believe he’s not trained for this sort of bargaining style. Let’s see how the outcome goes.


It’s a funny situation because Lewis is obviously fantastic, probably the best. But not better than the difference in the cars. So take the other point of view, if you’re Mercedes. Go to hell Lewis, I’ll offer you one dollar. Our soulless drone Nico Rosberg may not be fit to carry your bag, but he’s good enough to be champion in this car. He’ll beat you like a drum when he’s in this rig and you’re out. You’re not 18 anymore, you haven’t many moves left. Go be Alonso and drive around in crap until you can’t remember to turn… Read more »


I saw that a 3 year deal has been announced, do you reckon Mercedes got Hamilton for a dollar a year and he makes tea for all the mechanics?