Hamilton ‘drove like an idiot’

Lewis Hamilton may have been impeded by Force India’s Adrian Sutil during the Q2 session of qualifying for Sunday’s Italian Grand Prix but that isn’t what prevented the Englishman from securing his 5th consecutive pole position. The particular reason comes down to Lewis and he put it plainly to the press after Saturday’s qualifying session. AUTOSPORT’s Messrs. Noble and Beer have the story:

“I just drove like an idiot. That is the worst I have driven for a long, long time. I am sorry for the team.”

Watching the world feed, clearly Mercedes chief Niki Lauda was flummoxed as to Hamilton’s inability to make it to Q3 as he looked at other team management and shrugged as if to say, what just happened there?

Hamilton was impeded by Sutil on the lead up to the final run for Q2 and the race steward penalized the German three grid-slot positions for Sunday’s Italian Grand Prix.

By contrast, and to prove Hamilton’s assessment of the team’s chances on Sunday, his teammate Nico Rosberg did make it to Q3 and placed 6th on the grid for Sunday’s race. The pace was there and clearly Lewis feels he left a lot on the table during qualifying.


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