Hamilton: ‘Dude didn’t say sorry’…Was Hulkenberg penalty right?

Did Nico Hulkenberg have a big day in Brazil? You bet. Did the backend of his car step out into turn one and collect Lewis Hamilton? Yes. Did he deserve a drive-through penalty for the incident? That’s up for debate amongst Hulkenberg and Hamilton fans. After multiple replays, many fans are divided on the issue while one camp sees the incident as a “racing deal” while the other group feel it was completely warranted. As for Lewis Hamilton? Well, he’s nonplussed about it:

“It was a little bit unfortunate,” said Hamilton. “The dude didn’t even say sorry. So that says a lot.

“That’s what happens when you race with the less experienced. I feel OK, and I feel happy for the team to get the win.”

Hulkenberg had the drive of his life in a car that, while not the fastest on the grid, was doing very well in the Brazilian Grand Prix. The Sahara Force India showed up to race in the season’s final grand prix and with more wing dialed in than most, the dodgy conditions played into their hands. A great move by Bob Fernley and company. We had the good fortune to interview Bob in Austin and he’s a wonderful guy and very keen racer at heart.

How did you see the incident? Was it penalty-worthy or a racing incident? Regardless, Nico finished 5th even with a drive-through penalty and that speaks volumes considering his teammate spun out of the race causing a Safety Car ont he final lap.  A great day for Hulkenberg but was it at the expense of what could have been a great day for Lewis Hamilton?


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