Hamilton dumps Fuller’s XIX management

It seems that Lewis Hamilton is fed up with Simon Fuller’s XIX entertainment management and is now parting ways with the super agency.

Hamilton used to work with his father but that ran aground a few years ago and created a rift between the two that has very gingerly been knit back together. The Daily Mail quoted a source as saying:

“Lewis is concentrating on the world championship for now and will assess how to progress with his management around New Year. He has been muttering for a year or so about changing his relationship with Fuller. He wants to stand on his own two feet – and cut down on commission fees.”

Lewis may be watching German Sebastian Vettel closely as the Red Bull driver handles his own affairs and avoids the pesky 10% management fees normally associated with representation. With Vettel’s rumored windfall deal with Ferrari, Hamilton could reckon he could do as well as he and Mercedes head toward a contract extension in a season that looks to be Lewis best.

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