Hamilton felt ‘disrespected’ by team; disrespects Rosberg

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There were some tweets and words about meetings in Mercedes boss Toto Wolff’s kitchen but it seems in the end, Lewis Hamilton feels disrespected by the team and their actions and words in Abu Dhabi.

‘That was one of many uncomfortable moments of the year. Ultimately seeing what had been said afterwards, I felt quite disrespected by the individuals who had spoken.

‘You definitely don’t expect that from those who are in charge of so many people. Has the situation been resolved? ‘No, it hasn’t.’

Mercedes recently explained that no further actions were required as their new world champion, Nico Rosberg, retired with immediate effect leaving Lewis the only horse in the stable so why labor the situation when you don’t have to right? Wrong. Even with his retirement announcement, Lewis couldn’t help but still take jabs at his rival teammate for engaging sports psychologist mid-season.

‘In my whole career I have never had to work with a mental coach,’ he said. ‘I find my own way. I take it as a compliment that he was throwing everything and the toilet seat at it. Look at other sports. When people know they have to go up against Tiger Woods or Serena Williams, they know they have to lift their games.’

Contrary to Lewis’s opinion, the use of a sports psychologist paid big dividends and reversed Romain Grosjean’s career and its something that Sir Jackie Stewart has been advocating for a long time as these drivers, often very young, come into the sport and struggle with the politics, money, pressure and performance anxieties. Berating a person for seeking professional help is not very becoming but Rosberg had his own jab when he was asked about Hamilton’s disrespect comment.

‘OK, so he felt disrespected. OK, that’s a new one.’

Hat Tip: Daily Mail


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Fred Talmadge

This is an example of why one should restrain from tweeting every little thought. This will resolve nothing and most likely make matters worse.

Joff Hall

I totally agree with Lewis Hamilton, it was disrespectful of Toto and Paddy to expect Lewis to speed up and play the team game when the team had nothing to loose. The WCC was wrapped up so even if both drivers took each other out the WCC would still be the same. Toto and Paddy should of let both drivers drive how they needed to within the rules and let the best man be WDC but Toto, Paddy and Mercedes felt they had to manipulate the result which was an insult to Lewis and all the fans wanting to see… Read more »


It is true that the team could have handled the situation differently. But on the other hand the rules of engagement always were to maximise the team result. And Mercedes thought it would be fair to keep these rules consistent. You might disagree with that, but I don’t think it was “disrespectful” and they were very open about it even before the race. And keep in mind, Lewis did not loose the WDC in the last race. The championship had 21 races. Unrealiability of car and driver (!) put Lewis in a position, were he needed a miracle in the… Read more »

Salvu Borg

The totonator and the enforcer needs grow a pair, what they need, and number 44 needs fix his leaking brain fart valve.


No it wasn’t, what do you expect from a F1 team manager??

If Lewis had been a man he would have taken the win and sucked it up as a true champ. A true champ would also realize he lost the championship because of his MANY lousy starts this year as well as mentally first return to the grid after the Spain accident

What a 3x twat

Purple Sector

I’m Sorry Magnus, but your hatred isn’t going to make his accomplishments disappear. I bet you know and follow Hamilton more than his most casual supporter. Oh the irony! You better be praying Red Bull or Ferrari delivers in 2017. Otherwise next year is going to be pretty miserable for folks like you. Imagine if he wins 15 races and title next year. Oh the horror! He could be knocking at Shumi’s heels. AAAHHH!!!!


Yes of course I want to see true champs win races, you won’t be hearing crying like this from ricciardo, Kimi or Alonso.

The great part for next year though, is that even Bottas gonna kick his arse. It’s seen before, when sportsmen gets this stuck up their arse, they lose focus and the edge needed. Lewser is done.
Now please leave and go cry somewhere else

Zachary Noepe

Um he works for them. Notice which way the checks flow. You can’t disrespect your employee by telling them how you want the job done. This is not a married couple it’s a workplace.


Am I the only one thinking, that his comments about Rosberg and the team reveals a lot more about Lewis than about Nico? Man, Nico really got under his skin by winning the championship. Sounds a bit like Lewis needs counsel now.




Lewis lost the battle for the championship and in my opinion, he has taken it very badly and thrown hus toys out of the pram. Nico fully deserved the championship, which long term is good for Lewis as he’s got some growing up to do!

Purple Sector

“Nico fully deserved the championship…”

The fact that you feel the need to say that and the debate over his worthiness says otherwise. I can’t recall a past Champion that had to endure this debate except for maybe Rosberg Sr.

Zachary Noepe

I think it’s quite sad. There was a time after Lewis left his father’s management and Ron Dennis’ management and Nicole’s management and he struck out on his own at Mercedes and they started having success, and I thought ‘we’re watching this spoiled little kid become a man and stand on his own two feet and gain the confidence and comfort in his skin that comes with that’.


The Captain

Lewis is starting to reach Andy Kaufman levels of parody. Only it’s not parody.


It’s sounding like hamilton needs a reality coach, he’s getting more and more distant from it.


So, last night my wife and I went to dinner. This was a big deal for us because finances have been less than cheery in 2016 and we decided sometime ago that since we could not make Austin this year, due to the above, and so Christmas gift to each will be getting tickets this coming year. As we sat and gazed across the table, so many thoughts and directions the conversation could go regarding our journey over 2016, and so i began…’Honey’, I said in a soft but caring voice, ‘I have a question I need to ask you… Read more »

Purple Sector

“And so I am not going to jump into the cart of saying anything Lewis says is just sour grapes…nor am i willing to say that he had ANYTHING against him other than the law of chance of mechanical errors”

Sorry mate, but put your big boy pants on and pick a side. Diplomacy is for politicians. This is sports talk. Don’t be so afraid.


LOl!!! Okay!!! You pushed me Purple, lol! What i believe? I am not a LH ‘fanboy’, but I have appreciated him and followed his amazing talent from carting days. That said, I have been an F1 fanatic since 1970 as a kid. That being said, never, never, never have garages ‘switched’ sides to balance anything. Mr. Steve Matchett answered a tweet I sent to him directly saying such. I think this was a political maneuver within Merc to de-stabilize LH and boost Nico slightly. This is not conspiracy, i think from a boardroom and stock perspective, unfortunately, it makes total… Read more »

Malunda Wanda

A person employs his brains for a very coherent take on a season & someone instead prefers tribal sentiment…to pick a side.

Paul KieferJr

Ship Hamilton to Paris Island. Let me and six Marine drill sergeants have 30 minutes with him. We’ll solve that “disrespect” problem, fast.


I’ll pay anything I have to make that happen


Stop making Marines sound stupid, I am one.

Paul KieferJr

….and I would suspect that you were, with your fellow Marines, experts in teaching people discipline and respect. Valuable, I would say. Exactly what Hamilton needs.


You have no idea what the real story is within a team or drivers. Marines are not drivers, civilians have no idea what they’re talking about concerning Marines or what we do.


Top arrogant
I can’t believe that a 3x WC can be so pathetic and small
But it annoys me even more to hear all these ‘LH is a fantastic for the sport’ – He sure don’t represent anything I as a fan want to see
What a twat

Graeme Fuller

NC said it best on the facebook post with the word “Sigh’. Sums Lewis up completely.

Tom Firth

Twas the week before Christmas, when all through the F1 team,
Not a driver was stirring, apart from the rumour stream
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
In hopes that a story would be there.

Andrew Duncan


Purple Sector

He’ll leave when he topples Shumi’s records.

Purple Sector

So hilarious. You guys resent Hamilton so much, yet he is the thing that makes your F1 world go round everyday. Things would be pretty dull round here if Todd wasn’t hustling to publish a “Hamilton Story” every day. Since the checkered flag went out in Abu Dhabi, all the talk has been about Hamilton. And he didn’t win the title!!! The devil you love to hate theory is in full effect.

F1 Lover

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Tim C

I am getting so very tired of this from Lewis. He is one of the great drivers of F1. And, I do love watching him wheel a car. But all this childish talk is getting old. Very old. Let it go . . . just let it go. Move on Lewis and act like an adult.


This page is turning into nothing more than Hamilton hate clickbait. Sad.


scold or criticize (someone) angrily.
“his mother came out and berated me for raising my voice”
synonyms: scold, rebuke, reprimand, reproach, reprove, admonish, chide, criticize, upbraid, take to task, read someone the riot act, haul over the coals;

Yeah, that happened. This article is more facebook post than journalism.

Fred Talmadge

Well I see Hamilton is on the cover of Time. Maybe that will make him happy.

Malunda Wanda

It should hurt sad lot here that he is on the cover of time magazine. People must have miserable lives.


I’m pretty sure that the C4 interview happened before the Toto and Lewis discussion in Toto’s kitchen. If not then it looks like neither Lewis or Nico like giving Toto bad news to his face. As I said though I think the interview happened first and it is just a case of the delay prior to C4 showing their end of season show. The Radio 5 Live review of the season isn’t even on until tomorrow (21 Dec) at 21:30 GMT :(. So it’s just a case of C4 being out of sync. In any case there’s no need for… Read more »

Fred Talmadge




Fred Talmadge

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To those below who feel the need to debate, enough, Nico beat a three time world champion who had the same equipment at his disposal. Here’s a thought that should ignite real debate, personally I think that Hamilton is the real choker. He is really talented but just can’t keep his head in the right space. I think that Lewis is extremely talented and should have had at least 5 world championships by now however, he keeps messing around with all his other activities and distractions. If I was Toto and I had Nico (which he doesn’t) I would really… Read more »

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