Hamilton: German GP ‘waste of time’

Lewis Hamilton has suggested that his continuing the German Grand Prix after experiencing a flat tire on the first lap and dropping to dead last a lap down was a waste of time. Hamilton radioed his team during the race and suggested that parking the car to save the engine and transmission is what they should do but the team told Hamilton to remain on track as they were not sure what would come of the expected rain.

Reading between the lines; it was a test session for collecting data and the team were keen to keep him running. At this point in the season McLaren are not fighting for the title and to save an engine is futile given the data they must have wanted from the car regarding the new aero updates.

In the end, is Hamilton not paid to do a job? He may have felt it was a waste of time but I would suggest the team felt differently. Also, there are sponsors to consider at Vodafone McLaren Mercedes home race.

“There was nothing I could do; I was pushing and pushing, but it was a waste of time – I was down by 70 or 80 seconds. I suggested to the team that we save the engine and gearbox for hopefully a better race in the future – because there’s a lot more potential ahead of us than we’d anticipated before this weekend – and we just used it all.”

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