Hamilton happy with 2009 challenger

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton got back to work this week testing the new 2009 McLaren car. It had been two months since the World Champion had driven and F1 car and to his delight, it seems McLaren have provided him a good car for the new season:

“This first test was all about just getting used to the new car and the new regulations and about giving my feedback to the engineers; it wasn’t about setting a fast time,” said Hamilton.

“I’m pleased to report that the car feels good, we’ve made lots of progress over the winter and I’m looking forward to developing the car ahead of the Australian Grand Prix.”

While all teams seem optimistic about their new cars, it will be interesting to see the first few races and the ever present attrition that usually accompanies a new car. I am interested in the heat generated inside the body work as the exhaust can no longer be vented out of the sidepod and the new slimmer back end. The body work looks tight to me and the heat generated is immense. Electronics usually don’t like that sort of heat so time will tel but Lewis seems positive and that’s a good way to head in to the new year.

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