Hamilton is back!

Source: Pirelli Media

Nothing to worry about, normal service has resumed at Mercedes. If you were wondering if George Russell would get another chance in Lewis Hamilton’s car, your pondering is over.

“Lewis tested negative for COVID-19 on Wednesday prior to completion of his self-isolation period in Bahrain.

“This enabled him to travel to Abu Dhabi on Thursday afternoon, and he tested negative on arrival.

“Lewis has therefore completed the protocols required by the FIA for his entry to the paddock tomorrow and will be able to take part in the race weekend.”

Sorry Jack Aitken.

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So another boring race where he gets the pole, leads all the laps and wins. Still glad he is okay.

Tim C

I echo these thoughts. Couldn’t have said it any better.

charlie w

I’m glad he survived COVID19 but LH could not start his off season holiday two weeks earlier to let George Russell another shot for glory? What’s LH’s motivation here? He has the Drivers’ Championship. The Merc team has the Constructors’ Championship. One last effort to prove his(and Merc’s) nearly unlimited domination on the rest of the field? Assert himself as essential to the team for 2021 contract negotiations? Whatever it may be, I am no longer interesting in watching a typically routine and boring race at Yas Marina. See you in 2021, F1(maybe).


Well I’m not getting up early Sunday morning to watch, but I will watch the rerun later in the day

Tim C

I’ll record it, check the internet to see who won (probably LH), and then just go ahead and delete the recording. No since in spending the time on a Sunday to watch a race when the result is almost a foregone conclusion.

Xean Drury

I don’t like LH, but he’s a racer. In a car is the only place he wants to be. So respect, but I do think it’s a complete pity that RUS can’t get a second crack.