Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamitlon is on his way to Singapore to fight for the world championship. He should easily win it because he is the best at his job…or so he says.Lewis has often inserted his foot in his mouth over the last two years and today would be just more of the same over-the-top bravado that seems to cling to Lewis like his father at a race weekend.

During testimony before the FIA court of Appeals today, Lewis explained his position and, according to Autosport, got in a bit of a tussle with Ferrari attorney Tozzi. Here are a few of the choice commets for your perusal. Enjoy, I know I certainly did (emphasis added by yours truly):

“I have been a racing driver since I was eight years old (a racing driver since 8 or racing cars/karts since 8?) and I know pretty much every single manoeuvre in the book, and that’s why I’m the best at my job. We are talking about a skilled driver under intense pressure making a split-second decision which no-one, not unless they are in Formula One, can comprehend.” (so the governing bod cannot comprehend the skill it takes?)

“Your heart is battling whilst you are racing.

“The last thing I wanted to do is crash into him. When you have gone so far, you want to finish the race. We had a great battle and there was no need to take stupid risks, so I had to cut the chicane.

“I’ve since studied the footage about 10 times and I can remember it vividly like it was yesterday. I believe I then gave the advantage back. I honestly, hand on heart feel I did so.”


“Whatever happens I am not worried either way,” he said. “I just hope the judges see the truth. I am a racing driver, driven by excellence. It’s what I do. It’s what I enjoy doing. I am now just going to focus on my next race and hopefully winning there.

“At the moment, as I see it, I am one point ahead and that’s how I will go into it.”

And finally,

“It was long and intense,” he explained. “I said what was on my mind because in that position you can be talked down to. But by no means am I an idiot. I had a right to my opinion.

“But I am very, very proud of my team because I am amazed at how much work and attention to detail went into it.

“There were much better things I could have done with my day, like prepare for the next grand prix in Singapore, but today was a very important issue.

“I was unfortunately penalised, so it was good to come here and put our point of view, as well as listen to other people’s opinions.”

After a while it becomes almost charming doesn’t it? Good for you Lewis; give ’em hell! Maybe this hearing will fire him up for this weekend and we’ll see another dominating performance by LewHammy.

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