Hamilton: ‘knocked about’

Lewis Hamilton is struggling with coming to grips with the politics of F1. There is no doubt he has faced some of the handy work of the political beast this year with the debacle in Australia but he also has had inner-team politics for a couple of years now. Since Lewis joined F1, there has been the espionage issues at McLaren, the Sex scandal with Max and the FIA and the lying episode with McLaren this year. He is also facing the political firestorm of the FIA and the larger teams over the regulations for 2010 and the retirement of Ron Dennis and sacking of Dave Ryan.

One can see why Lewis is about done with the politics of F1. He’s seen a lot on just two years.

“It’s got to be a similar feeling to anyone who goes to jail but feels they shouldn’t be behind bars,” Hamilton explained to the Times newspaper. “That is the feeling I have had, although I know what happened in Australia was wrong.

“I just feel knocked about by it all. I want to be a driver – I am not in the sport to be a politician.”

“It hasn’t affected my driving,” Hamilton added. “I won’t allow anything to affect my driving. But it affects your life, it affects the way you are. I used to enjoy Formula 1 and part of that has been taken away from me.”

“I never imagined there would be so much politics when I came into Formula 1,” Hamilton said. “It definitely was a shock. There has been too much time taken up with it.

“Unfortunately, it is the way the Formula 1 world works for some reason. It’s much nicer in the lower categories, where all the people are there just to race and the teams are there just to race.”

On the other hand, when the adulation and best car on the grid stop, you can understand how the seedier side of F1 would start to manifest itself. Lewis is just seeing the dark time of F1. The ill-performing car and politics have always been in F1 for many champions. Senna, Prost, Schumacher and Hill have all faced these issues. Hamilton is not alone in this current situation and he would do well to remember that his story is not unique. While it is new to him, many have come before and faced the same or worse situations in F1.

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