Hamilton looking for fan support

Lewis has taken a beating in the last few weeks regarding his performance in the last two races but what he is looking for is some real support from his fans at the upcoming British Grand Prix.  The Times has a story with Lewis making his appeal to his fan base and explaining why he is worried that people will throw vegetables at him.

I think Lewis is giving the media a little more attention than he should.  If Schumi listened to the British press, he would have stopped racing after hitting Damon Hill.  As for Mr. Moss’s comments; I think prudence wins the race, day and title.  Not sure where Stirling is coming from on this one.

“People who are aware of what’s been said over the past couple of months, of whatever has been said in the papers – I just hope that they aren’t throwing vegetables at me because of what’s happened in the last few races,” said Hamilton.

“The fans mean a hell of a lot to me, and for sure they’re going to be disappointed about the last couple of races, just as the team are, but there’s no need to be angry – and I’m sure some of the things that are said in the papers do make them angry.

“I’m on form, I’m not driving into walls. The reason I’m so quick is because I’m pushing my car, and the car is great, the team’s doing a good job, and I think I’m extracting a lot from it. That’s all I can do.”

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