Hamilton: McLaren has upper hand

It’s nice to see Lewis have confidence in his team and car.The remaining races are ones that could go either way due to the differences in Ferrari’s and McLaren’s characteristics but Lewis feels ultimately the upper hand is with McLaren.  It’s the right answer, the right attitude and the right mind-set you want Lewis in when facing Ferrari at Spa.  Well said Lewis and let’s hope you are correct because Massa has a different opinion no doubt.  In fact, Kubica is tipping Massa for the title.  That betrays Lewis’s feeling on McLaren competitiveness in the remaining races.

I am not sure I feel as confident as Lewis about Spa.  Ferrari and specifically Kimi have been very hard to beat there.  But Monza may be another issue.  McLaren have done well on Ferrari’s turf.  This rest of the season could see a see-saw battle to the end.  Let’s hope so.  Brazil 07?

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