Hamilton: More pit stops to cure boring Monaco GP

It’s not easy to drive in the Monaco Grand Prix but equally, it isn’t easy to pass either. Passing at Monaco is not something you expect and it can be a consistent refrain from casual fans of Formula 1. There isn’t any passing and it’s a processional train and who sits on pole position is usually the winner…or at least that’s what I hear a lot of.

Color me dimwitted but I love Monaco and even without prolific passing, I am always reminded of how incredible it is to drive at these speeds within these confines. It takes a lot of skill to do this and to watch the teams try to use strategy to make the best pit stops. To that point, Lewis Hamilton reckons the race could use more pit stops to “spice up the show”.

Lewis was critical of the new Ultra-soft tire compound saying it was a regular soft tire with purple lettering. The concern here is that the tire is so durable it will last the entire race in Monaco. Fr this, Lewis has an answer:

“I was just thinking the other night ‘Why don’t we have more stops?’

“For me, the ultra-soft is not soft. We need ultra, ultra, ultra, ultra soft, four times softer tyres so we can do more stops. That would mix it up here.

“In my first years when there were more stops it was way more exciting, but they won’t do that.

“We’ll be two seconds faster this year than we were last year, but overtaking is still going to be the same.”

On one side of this coin, I understand his position and agree that it would add a much larger tactical element to the race while jostling up the running order. On the other hand you would have F1 fans calling foul because no one wants to simply see passing in the pits…or at least that’s their consistent narrative.

For me, Monaco is special and because of the tight circuit, passing int he pits is perfectly fine and a part of racing. I would be fine with more pit stops or less durable tires. Then again, I’m not the one complaining about Monaco and the lack of passing am I?

Perhaps this is the kind of race that F1 could make into a two-race feature with reverse grids, sprinklers and short cuts…because we’ve lost the amazement of what it takes to drive at 130mph around Monaco apparently.


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Nathan Gilliatt

“reverse grids, sprinklers and short cuts”

Maybe some turtle shells to mix things up, too. :-)

Peter Riva

Careful, your wry sarcasm may be read as sincere desire! Haha.


They should run shifter karts instead of their normal cars for Monaco. That’ll solve the problem, and without silly gimmicks like sprinklers and shortcuts.


That’s just nuts.

charlie white

What I’m hearing from Lewis is this: the Mercedes advantage is not as strong here in Monaco than other places. If I mess up on the start, I REALLY can’t pass anyone here except in the pits. Even as long time F1 fan, Monaco does nothing for me except for pretty TV pictures. I think it would be even prettier as a night race.

Junipero Mariano

Wait a second, the driver who led 64 of 78 laps and lost at Monaco last year due to a pit stop wants more pit stops.

jiji the cat

This is the one race I look forward to most. Always have. It’s the tightness, bumps, and armcos that do it for me. It’s the only true punishing track left as well.

Paul KieferJr

I’m guessing that we’ve gotten jaded.


Monaco… why would you want to mess it up with even more pit stops. It’s a great race, I sit on the edge of my seat for the whole race because if you get a pass for position on track it is truly magic. For me this is what open wheel racing is all about. As I posted from my Facebook feed I prefer to see races with one magic close pass than races with 457 contrived passes. I keep hearing that there are a bunch of people out there who want more passing. My question is why….. a single… Read more »