Hamilton nonplussed with Sky Sports commentary

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I must have watched a different Sky Sports broadcast or missed a serious chunk of the post-race coverage but whatever it was that set Lewis Hamilton off, I missed it. The broadcast I watched was replete with praise and amazement of the 4-time champ’s drive from 14th to victory taking advantage of Sebastian Vettel’s crash and some last-minute team orders that kept him in the lead for the win.

According to reports, Lewis took to Instagram and later deleted the post.

Hamilton wrote: ‘I never get to watch the races but just got home and watching Sky. I find it amusing listening to ex-drivers commentating, not a single one of them could find a good word to say.

‘Whatever the reason is, it’s OK I forgive you. Positivity and love wins always no matter what words you use to try and undermine me, I started 14th today and finished 1st. God is good all the time.’

Not sure what the criticism is but he was my drive and passer of the race and I actually picked him to win. As we discussed on our race review podcast, the issue I have is the pit entry reprimand and it has nothing to do with Lewis. I would have the same issues if it had happened to Bottas or Raikkonen. Questioning that isn’t denying Lewis’s terrific performance, just the malleable latitude the race stewards are choosing to add context to regulatory violations in order to accommodate outcomes, not infractions.

The Sky Sports team typically have a lot of praise for Lewis and they certainly seemed to have it on the broadcast I watched. Not sure what rubbed Lewis the wrong way or why he feels compelled to continually discuss his positivity and love victory over all adversity but far be it from me to decry a young man’s approach to coping with adversity…real or maybe not so real.

According to Autosport, there was a lot of booing although I didn’t hear it on the broadcast. Regardless, Lewis says he was energized by it.

“There was a lot of negativity before the race,” said the Mercedes driver.

“When you come to England, going around I don’t remember any of the fans booing. We’ve got quite a good group of fans in England.

“And when I came here, there was a lot of booing.

“The weird thing is that I was really happy about it. It was unusual. It’s weird that I’m still happy.

“It was because I kept seeing individually, a couple of different British flags in amongst a hundred or a thousand [others].

“It was a sea of red and then you’ve got a British flag in there.

“Then you have people from Mexico, people from England, you have people from I think Nigeria or somewhere in Africa with Hamilton shirts on – the name Hamilton on, standing in amongst the red.

“It was just so positive for me. That’s why I said at the end, that love conquers all.”

Hat Tip: Mail and Autosport

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Tim C

I saw the race and at times I thought I was watching a Hamilton love fest. So, I couldn’t even begin to understand what he’s upset about. Go figure. He is a fantastic driver with the wins and championships to prove it and back it up, but sometimes you gotta wonder about the guy. He often seems like he’s on an emotional roller coaster. I guess that’s what makes Lewis who he is. Oh well . . . to each his own.


I’ve always heard people say that Sky is part of the Hamfosi. I honestly think they give a very good view of things. Of course they probably concentrate on him a bit more, seeing that they are a British broadcaster, but nothing over the top.
Now if they could just get Ted Kravitz to calm down on the starts and restarts, that would be nice.


Ted Kravitz doesn’t do the commentary during the race, he is just a pit reporter. I think you mean Crofty.

Prakhar Mehrotra

Ted is not “Just” a pit reporter. I think he’s one of the best things about sky sports coverage. :P


Perception is a funny thing. For most of us SKY comes across as an endless Hamilton love fest. For the man himself, they can’t see his awesomeness.
I wonder if there is a particular retired driver that he’s particularly ‘non plussed’ with?
Maybe the same one who he couldn’t resist having a dig at on 5 Live, something about not being able to stay away from F1, and (crime of all crimes) always wearing the same clothes!
I’ve also taken to praying, I’m praying Hamilton has a big mug of STFU before Hungary.


Granted, we don’t get to see the full Sky broadcasts on ESPN but I don’t know what LH is talking about here. I think he needs to realize that not everyone loves him.

Meine Postma

Hamilton has been living so long in his bubble he is delusional.

Fred B

Lewis seems to have developed the belief that his achievements are due to “divine intervention” and everything he achieves is “for the fans”. I have no doubt he has very strong faith. I have no doubt he loves his fans. I also have no doubt that the same could apply to other drivers on the grid and how does that make Lewis more special? Ultimately, the melodrama, the moodiness and the silliness of it all just tires people after a while. He’s very polarising, but I also agree he’s great for the sport. People love to watch – whether it’s… Read more »


He mopes, sulks and complains when things don’t go his way. Then when they do, he’s the same boring statement. He’s a queen, and F1’s queen at that.


I think it’s easy to”get inside his head” at times and then he lets it get to him. On very rare occasions like Hungary he was able to fight back but it doesn’t always work.


The plight of narcissism.