Hamilton: on Armco’s, Titles & PR

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Lewis Hamilton clouted the Armco in Q1 and effectively ended any hope of gaining another Monaco victory as qualifying position signals one’s demise at Monaco like being a Bothan spy for the Rebel Alliance. That hasn’t stopped Lewis from discussing the situation:

“What can I say? I made a mistake and I hit the wall. There’s not much more I can say,” he said. “I’m sorry for the team because they’ve done a great job this weekend. It looked like we had a shot at winning the race, but these things happen and we’ll just have to work with it.” “I don’t think it’s important to think of what was achievable because at the end of the day it happened. We just need to look forward to tomorrow. We have a tough race, and I’m just going to have to try and do the best I can. “This track’s known for not being able to overtake, but we have KERS, so hopefully it will help us.”

So in essence Lewis is hoping that KERS will gain him some positions and who knows…maybe some points? That is about what one could hope for given the situation but champions have endured worse and come back from certain doom before.

Lewis also spoke about the championship and what, if any, hope he had on challenging Jenson Button:

“I’ve not really been thinking about that too much,” he said about his title chances. “Jenson’s up there and he is the one challenging. We’re not challenging for the world championship. We’re challenging to improve our car and working towards getting as many points as we can collectively.

“But we’re a long way behind, and if he keeps up his consistency, then he will be very tough to catch.

“But we’ll do the best job we can to get as many points as we can, and we’ll see what the result is at the end. But we’ll never give up.”

“If you look at the results, I’m 32 points behind. Kimi found it hard to catch up 17 points a couple of years ago. So to catch up 32 points, including what he might get here, it’s going to be very tough.

“But bear in mind we’re improving all the time, and we’ll do the best job we can.”

To be honest, that’s a sensible comment on the situation. What would we expect him to say? British Press jamming microphones in his face and asking if he can win the title when he is 32 points adrift? The natural answer would be something like “P*%$ off, mate!”.

PS- As a side note, rumor has it Lewis is in talks with Simon Fuller about some PR work for the Hamilton camp. Now don’t get me wrong here because I have been telling the Hamilton’s for over two years now that they need real sports management and a real PR person managing Lewis. I have given them an example of Sabine for Schumi. So far they have given me the middles on my recommendations until now. But Like the Hamilton’s, if this rumor is true, they go for a PR guy who is bigger than Lewis Hamilton in Brand Equity. WTH? DUDE! Get a professional PR person, not a celebrity. Sheesh.

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