Hamilton on pole for Canadian GP

I appreciate that the speeds of today’s hybrid power units could eclipse the 2004 lap record at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve for the Canadian Grand Prix. That’s terrific but that’s continually used as a rebuke for those who aren’t that jazzed about the new engines in Formula 1. Of course the times eventually would eclipse lap times set more than a decade ago. If you still had normally aspirated V8 engines, they’d be eclipsing the lap times to such is the nature of technology and F1 chassis evolution so I would appreciate less hyperbole and more realistic assessment please.


A bit of balking early in the session between Lewis Hamilton and Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel was an interesting way to begin the session as Vettel was looking to get around Lewis to start his lap and Lewis didn’t feel much like allowing that.

The absence of Renault’s Kevin Magnussen was a low point of the qualifying story with his FP3 accident caused by drivability issues and the team needed to bring a new chassis in and needed a gearbox change which will most likely see him start from pit lane on Sunday. His teammate, Jolyon Palmer nearly collided with the same wall in Turn 7 during Q3. Palmer eventually did touch the Wall of Champions.

Light drizzle started to fall mid-session in turn 5 and 6 and the teams were frantically trying to get a banker lap in in order to make to through to Q2. Rio Haryanto did clout the wall in turn 4 prompting a brief yellow flag and a flat right rear tire with potential damage. If there was some good news, Wehrleing’s Manor Racing car was just 1.8s off the leading time of the session. A big improvement for the team.


The session started with a bit of a predictable nostalgia with Carlos Sainz hitting the famed Wall of Champions. Sainz was on a real flyer too and it’s shame he lost it. It caused a red flag with lots of flotsam strewn about the track.


Sebastian Vettel had a light brushing of the Wall of Champions but no damage to start the session. Lewis Hamilton set a banker lap of 1:12.812 and Plucky Teen Max Verstappen laid down a stonking lap besting Vettel and placing 3rd behind Nico Rosberg.

Lewis claimed pole position for the Canadian Grand Prix after his teammate aborted his final attempt. Lewis won his first grand prix in Canada and has won four times in total.

For Ferrari, they were slightly over a tenth off the pace of Lewis Hamilton and while they didn’t claim pole or second, they have closed the gap slightly to Mercedes in Canada.

The top ten were:

10 ALO

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It’s debatable that the V8s would have achieved the same lap time because engine development had stagnated under the previous regs. Anyway the fact that the lap record at a ‘power circuit ‘ has been held for 12 years by a 19000 rpm 3.0 litre V10 just proves that for NA motors there is no substitute for capacity and RPM.


Flotsam is the floating wreckage of a ship or its cargo. As carbon fibre is denser than water, it would sink. The correct nautical term would be lagan (goods or wreckage lying on the bottom of the ocean, that can be reclaimed). Sorry. It is encouraging that Ferrari and Red Bull are able to get closer to Mercedes in qualifying. Hopefully it will continue into the race, as Mercedes typically have turned their power up for qualifying. Either the others have worked out how to do the same, or they have made significant gains which will put the silver team… Read more »

Negative Camber

LOL…I was taking some creative license with the use of the word. I should have said Jetsam? ;)


I don’t think the debris was deliberately thrown overboard :)