Hamilton says bring it…just avoid the poison teammate

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As Mercedes puts a hold on any driver announcement prior to the end of the year and Williams hints that they may be willing to consider releasing Valtteri Bottas, current driver Lewis Hamilton says that it’s important to avoid getting a driver that would create poisonous situation:

“It’s important who we have in the second car,” he said in an interview with Channel 4. “It’s important for the team’s morale. We’ve seen in other teams and times [that] it can be a poisonous effect on a team, the arch-rivalry between drivers.

“For sure, I’m really happy here, I love being where I am, and whilst, OK, there’s been some interesting scenarios, we generally always pull through.

“So we’ve got to make sure that whatever we bring is at least as good as what we had, if not better, in terms of creating that energy. I’ve had experiences and divisions in the past which I would strongly advise not, in a team, to have that scenario.

“But what I meant is I’ll drive against every single driver you want… Ultimately when they decide, which is their decision, they can put any driver.

“Bring Fernando, bring Sebastian, bring whoever you really want. I drove against Fernando in my first year and beat him, so that’s not a worry for me. I’m happy to drive against any of them. But in terms of what’s best for the team – probably not the best idea.”

Little doubt in my mind that Lewis would welcome anyone in the other seat and take the fight to them. In fact, I think he would rather have an Alonso, Vettel, Verstappen, Ricciardo beside him in which to battle but there is the issue of toxicity with two alpha males.

Recently departed world champion Nico Rosberg faced some tense situations with Lewis at Mercedes and Lewis has his own mental battle with Fernando Alonso when they were at McLaren together. Avoiding those hat-throwing and Spanish GP 2016 moments would be good for the team.

This is why, perhaps, Bottas is a good person to bring in. Capable of scoring points and low drama although he’s got a feisty side to him that may not be a docile as Mercedes or Lewis might think. For me, the real matchup would be Alonso or Daniel Ricciardo. I would pay big money to see Lewis and Ricciardo as teammates battling each other.

Hat Tip: Channel 4 via Motorsport


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the Late Idi Armin

Bring on the plucky teen……


I can’t help but notice that he said “the second car”… so a number 2, then?

Peter Riva

Exactly. That’s what he was saying.

Peter Riva

I see your point about being good $$ to bring on competition, but Toto didn’t really like them endangering each other and Hamilton is clearly saying “no. 2” here as well as firing that shot “I’m really happy here…” meaning? I might not be if you screw this up Mercedes.

Rahul Vadhs

TBH if you ask me ham has been snobbish since he came to f1 because he was under the wings of ron.. ron didn’t care much about supporting Alonso in 2007 because he wanted applauses for discovering Hamilton!! And they stopped giving Alonso the required updates on the car and that’s what got Alonso upset as I remeber.. ham had ron n basically the whole team behind him in later half of that championship.. Nico is a nice guy, and has always tried to keep a healthy environment as it seems, and I have always seen ham being a prick… Read more »

Salvu Borg

If ever there was a poisonous driver on the F1 grid that’s number 44.


Interesting that Hamilton is concerned about rivalry between drivers having a toxic effect on team moral, and ‘energy’. It seems that his F1 career most of his team mate relationships have been toxic, Alonso, Kovalainen, Rosberg, everyone but Button really. Hamilton seems be the common factor as apart from Alonso the others don’t seem to have that toxic reputation.
I wonder if he sees himself having any role in preventing the atmosphere becoming toxic?
Showing more respect to his team mate (such as not implying they are the no2 driver) could be one way to achieve this.

Rich Knight

Even with Jenson Lewis got upset over Face Book as he thought Jenson had unfriended him – in truth Jenson had never friended him in the first place – that says a lot.

Meine Postma

I don’t understand why people rate Bottas so high, okay, this year he beat Massa, but Massa was on his way out.

I don’t think Bottas is as good as Rosberg, and it will be a pretty dull year if he is not.

Guy Fawkes

Oh, I think Red Bull and Ferrari will keep it from being dull.

Meine Postma

I really really hope so.
But I wouldn’t count on Ferrari.


Wow he really doesnt realise he is the one that brings the toxicity to Mercedes. I think the reason why Mercedes is fighting so hard for Bottas is that there are only a few drivers that wouldnt turn hostile with Hamilton mind games, tantrums and snide remarks. Ricciardo, Hulkenberg and Bottas. Bottas being the only one close to obtainable.

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