Hamilton says Ferrari and Alonso protests just ‘sour grapes’

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Lewis Hamilton says he did nothing to Fernando Alonso and that all the reaction from Maranello following the European Grand Prix is just “sour grapes.”

Well, you’ll be seeing it that way, although once you dive into the story you will find that Hamilton never actually says that, but he does agree (I think says, “Yeah”) when asked by the UK’s Press Association whether it all is just a case of sour grapes. And then he adds this:

“I even saw him (Alonso) overtaken by a Sauber on the big screen. It is very unlike him to be overtaken by a Sauber so he must have been completely in another world.

“I don’t understand why I affected his race so much. Everyone has a right to their opinions. He must just be disappointed with his own result but I didn’t do anything to him,” he added.

I think that’s a reiteration of what Hamilton said soon after the race — one of the reasons I wondered if the incident might be the start to a “war” between the two drivers.

After the race, Hamilton said this to the BBC:

And when told of Alonso’s anger was relayed to him, Hamilton said the Spaniard should stick to analysing his own performance.

“It’s good to know his weak point, I guess,” Hamilton, who spent a tumultuous season alongside Alonso as team-mates at McLaren, told BBC Sport.

“I just focus on my job, so maybe he should have done that.”

I can’t imagine that between the “weak point” comment and the talk of Alonso’s being overtaken, that there won’t be some kind of private words between the two. Or at the least, won’t this fuel Alonso’s fire?

Finally, for what it’s worth before we debate biased media and who is carrying this update to the European GP story, I’m seeing it across English-language media. But maybe they all are a bit biased toward Hamilton, is the argument? I don’t know. It seems like Hamilton’s said this one, he’ll have to deal with the fall-out.


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