Hamilton says he’s dyslexic, ‘school was not fun’

Perhaps I missed this element of Lewis Hamilton’s life but according to a report, the 3-time champion said he is dyslexic and struggled in school.

“As a dyslexic, I struggled. I also missed a lot of lessons on Fridays because I was racing on the weekends.

“School was not a lot of fun for me,” Hamilton added.

After his career in motorsport, the British champion would like to work with kids:

“I like children so I would like to build schools for poor kids, where they can learn an instrument and get a good education, because I know for myself how hard that is.”

Lewis isn’t the only driver to struggle with dyslexia as 3-time champion Sir Jackie Stewart, described his struggles in his autobiography (which is a really good read) and how he had to adapt to overcome it. It’s a very touching read that shows how difficult it can be.

As I said, perhaps Lewis has mentioned this before and I simply missed it or who knows, maybe the German newspaper has the details slightly off on the matter but if it is the case, surely Sir Jackie and Lewis has more than just title wins.

Hat Tip: Stuttgarter Zeitung

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I like Ben Stiller.


Isn’t it inspiring that a home-boy from the hood has shown da man the middles and fought his way to the top despite all those personal and societal barriers standing in his way. Go Hammy, u da man!
I can’t wait for the movie, and hear the sound track