Hamilton: Schumacher’s Reputation Risk


Don’t get me wrong, I like Maurice Hamilton…really, I do. He’s the Gary Busey of F1…the guy is on 100 podcasts and printed (re-printed) in countless publications. He’s a sharp tack on the cork board of motor sport. But he’s dead wrong on his latest column.

I doubt very seriously that Schumacher is returning to F1 for an adrenaline rush or a strong desire to rid himself of retirement doldrums. I think it is somewhat more simple and yet more complex than that.

Who has Ferrari got that can sit in a car and be as competitive as the current F1 field? Who can they instantly go to for a driver that understands their system and team? Who has a proven track record of working with difficult cars and new circuits to the maximum? Who could be instrumental in helping Ferrari develop their 2010 car in a season where no testing has hobbled the teams ability to take the 2009 regulations to a fuller, more evolutionary existence? Who has a track record of helping a car evolve? Who will put more backside’s in seats and give F1 an infusion of revenue and excitement in a time of desperate need steeped in economic pitfalls?

No, I doubt Michael Schumacher is intent on just getting an adrenaline rush. I think it is more complex and yet more simple than that. Taking a cheap shot at Schumacher because you view him the “protagonist” is really missing the plot due to lot of words and paragraphs smothered by a reduction sauce of bitterness.

Perhaps the only adrenaline rush here is Hamilton’s opportunity to write yet another article in which a slightly veiled back hand provides a momentary respite from an otherwise dull F1 grid.

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