Hamilton skips testing to hang with Pharrell Williams

I’ll give Lewis Hamilton the benefit of the doubt here and suggest that he had some issue to attend to and needed the time off to see to them. Why else would the champion ask to be released from testing duties last week in Austria handing valuable seat time to Nico Rosberg?

Sure, he was posting pictures of himself and celebrities (Pharrell Williams) during that time frame but who knows? Maybe his personal issues happened in the evenings or early morning? I have no idea why Lewis asked to sit out of testing for a second time this season but I’m not alone as Derek Warwick seems equally stumped:


“He was off the pace all weekend in Austria, he had a bad start, I’d want to be trying that start out again, checking my clutch is ready for the British GP,” Warwick told Sky Sports F1’s The F1 Show.

“I just find it bizarre that he would say ‘no’ and go off and be in Monaco with whoever he was with. As a racing driver you want every second you can in the car, if anything to keep the other driver out. It is obvious to me.”


Nico Rosberg even made light of the fact that he was running on the days Lewis was slated to drive saying he was doing Hamilton’s work for him. Maybe his new contract allows him to skip testing or he just really had things he needed to do.

Regardless of all the speculation, Hamilton may have had a lackluster performance in Austria but he tends to be able to bounce back and do well in just about anything he climbs in to. Having said that, I testing is severely limited in F1 these days and any chance you can get to have seat time and work with your engineers on the chassis has to be a positive and missing that can’t help your efforts.

Before you get critical, keep in mind that this is what Bernie Ecclestone probably likes most about Lewis, he’s out there in the media hanging with celebrities and bringing Formula 1 a lot of attention so good on him.

Hat Tip: Sky Sports F1


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Junipero Mariano

If he wins at Silverstone, hey, it’s Lewis Hamilton, there’s no stopping him!!!

If he makes an unforced error and hands it to Nico or Sebastian, then his rise from the ashes becomes all that much sweeter.

Whoever loses, Bernie wins.


Although Lewis was hardly the only driver that missed the test, a little unfair to single him out without stating all the other drivers who also skipped.


It might seem crazy what I’m about to say ;-)
Hamilton gets singled out because he’s the driver in with a chance of a third world drivers championship, and is putting that at risk.
He’s got an air like he don’t care, by the way,
he has just had his lead cut because of a lacklustre weekend in Austria, dropped points after his last burst of hangin’ with the stars before the Spanish GP, and has a reputation for getting distracted,
but you know, he’s happy……..so
Clap along if you think that’s what he’s gonna do

Negative Camber

I’m not sure anyone is singling him out for nefarious reasons, I think Derek found it odd that a sitting champ would willingly miss seat time when the title is only 10 points wide.

Ian Robinson

In my opinion he’s not going to gain anything from missing a session at a track that they’ve already raced and is very different from the next few tracks?


Hi Ian, I think the test sessions involve a lot more than setting up the existing car for that particular circuit. The team run new equipment, new aerodynamic packages, different power unit configurations, and I’m sure many many more set up and equipment tests. Typically the drivers want to be involved in this so that they are on top of the developments the team are bring to the car, and how to get the most out of them. Testing opportunities are at a real premium under the current regulations, so by letting Rosberg have the session, it looks like Hamilton… Read more »


Let’s get real here, Lewis is the best driver in F1 right now. Skipping a test day, where he’s mostly following a tightly scripted plan and for the most part can’t even practice race-level driving, isn’t going to affect his title chances.

Meine Postma

O dear, Hamilton goes the way of Kimi.


Oh shut up…


Do we want young drivers to get seat time, or not? He knows exactly how to win and lose a WDC. Certainly more than you or i.


It doesnt really matter. I worry anything any of us say will just be summarized as “Lewis hamilton supporters coming out of the woodwork” and disregarded.

Negative Camber

Nothing wrong with being a Lewis supporter, they guy is terrific! He’s a 2-time champ. You don’t get that by being a hack. There may be folks who aren’t to keen about his character, lifestyle or such but that’s just people being people. The fact is, I support Lewis…he’s a great talent. Then I also support Seb, Fernando, Jenson and a host of other drivers who I think are fabulous. How about the Nico’s? They’re great too. It’s all relative mate, you can support Lewis all you want here. :)