Hamilton Spa ‘squarely behind me’, Button ‘don’t like people booing’

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As McLaren are driving to Italy and burping from the after effects of their celebratory cake for winning at Spa, the team are keen to upset the local Tifosi with another win. In fact, many are suggesting another Button win and he’s keen to see it happen:

“Winning in Monza must be a great feeling, but I would say it’s not one that I enjoy standing on the podium at.

“The tifosi are there to support Ferrari. They’re not there to support us.

“I don’t like people booing. I’m not used to football crowds.

“But Monza’s a great place and the last three years there I’ve been second, just missing out on a victory a couple of times, so it would be great to win there.

“Winning in Spa was definitely amazing. I’ve won in Monaco, I’ve won in Suzuka, and now I’ve won in Spa.

“Those three stand out for me as being very special circuits. The only one missing is Silverstone, my home grand prix.

“Before I end my career I’d like to at least be on the podium, or hopefully win there.”

As for Lewis Hamilton, Button’s teammate, he’s moving on from a disastrous weekend in the Ardenne. His “tweetgate” saga saw him tweet sensitive team information to justify why Button had eclipsed him in qualifying and gained the scolding of fans and the team both.

“Spa was just one of those weekends,” said Hamilton. “But the beauty of these double-header races is that it’s already firmly behind me.

“And Monza is such a unique and invigorating circuit that it’s easy to put my disappointments to one side and just focus on driving as fast as possible this weekend.”

I wonder if the weekend is behind the phalanx of engineers who have scoured the time sheets he tweeted to understand more about how McLaren are setting their cars up for fast circuits? Monza is also a fast circuit.


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