Hamilton: “this”, “they” and “me” replace “we”


Lewis Hamilton has been the talk of the town at Monza regarding his rumored move to Mercedes but others feel it is a PR move by his management to stir thing sup and press McLaren’s hand a bit. The British world champion looked positively dour after climbing from his race-winning car and when asked about any possible off-track distractions, he quickly said his family and friends were supporting him…not his team.

Sure, speculation is what silly season is all about but if a person had to place a bet, they would say things are not too cheery at McLaren right now. As for hamilton, he says the talks will pick up pace over the next couple of weeks prior tot eh Singapore Grand Prix. Camps are divided on keeping Hamilton or letting him go with all his personal baggage with him. Interesting comment from Hamilton from Sunday:

“I’m not really focusing on next year, I want to focus on this year. This is one race at a time and I’m trying to take this team to the top,” Hamilton said on Sunday.

“I’m trying to help them as they are trying to help me to win both championships. It is an incredible team and I have a great relationship with them so I’m really looking forward to the future,” said Lewis.

The words “this” , “them” and “me” are very interesting considering there is no “we” as in team. His choice of language is very removed from the team who funded his entire rise to Formula One. If there were any telling signs of a possible move, perhaps this weekend was it. If he doesn’t move, it is clear he is being managed by a company that has him on a leash and scripted him to say the right words and phrases. This isn’t the Lewis of old, back then he would glow about the team and the work they all did together.

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