Hamilton to Ferrari??

The Times has ran a story about a conversation between Anthony Hamilton, Lewis Hamilton’s father/agent, and Ferrari Principle Stefano Domenicali.Now normally these things would be considered just the usual collegial nature of the F1 paddock but there have been several rumors that Lewis and Anthony are not entirely happy at McLaren. You can read the story here and see the photo.

As Ed Gorman points out, it is very unlikely that they would pull up shop and move to Ferrari any time soon but could AntHam be laying ground work? Has the “Bish” and AntHam finally resulted in telling each other to “eff off” ala the “Bish” and Ralf Schumacher’s infamous “rictus” episode?

Many accuse me of being a Ron and McLaren hater and a Ferrari sycophant. Yes, I like Ferrari. I always have. BUT…this would be a very bad move for AntHam. This is what I would consider micromanaging your son’s career into corporate suicide. Ron, among many things, is a guy who knows what he is doing. He knows better than AntHam and Lewis put together. McLaren deserve their loyalty and respect after what Ron has done for them. If AntHam has to eat a little crow and play by Ron’s rules, he should be so lucky. There is an old saying…Dance with the one who brung ya.

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