Hamilton to take engine penalty at Spa

We knew it was coming but we weren’t sure when Lewis Hamilton’s need for new engines would occur. The rumors heading into the Belgian Grand Prix weekend were suggesting that either this weekend at Spa Francorchamps or next weekend at Monza for the Italian Grand Prix. It looks like it may be this weekend according the Lewis:

“We will be taking a penalty here this weekend,” said Hamilton

“I have no engines left.

“I’ll do everything I can to minimise the impact it will have.

“Beyond that penalty I’ll eventually take, I think I’ll be able to continue with the momentum I had before the break.”

What is not clear is his initial suggestion that the team make introduce two new engines and take the maximum penalty giving them new resources for the remainder of the season. I’m not sure if that’s how the penalty system works or if it’s allowed but that’s what the rumors are.

It’s an odd situation but some of the reason Nico Rosberg led the championship for as long as he did was due to the attrition Hamilton suffered int eh beginning of the season and we knew he would be paying for it with penalties at some point.

Some of the details are still in the wind and it’s not clear if he will choose to start at the back of the grid or from pit lane or if they will attempt to take a two-engine penalty etc.

Lewis has a 19-point lead now and it will be critical to get back up and into the points to stave off a possible victory by Nico Rosberg. For Nico, it is imperative that he gets a good start, has no mechanical issues and wins the race. IF he has any dreams of winning the title, he’ll need to capitalize on Lewis’s misfortune and that starts this weekend.


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#F1 'o^°o-

Penalizing the driver is so stupid and drives the fans nuts when it affects their fave.
The solution should be to penalize the constructor by point deduction.


Live and die as a team.

Jack Flash (Australia)

And what of the cases when the Driver is the one who orders an accidental Double Downshift, or rides the rev limiter mercilessly on a Grid Start? Where does the “zero responsibility” line get drawn for the Driver suffering mechanical or electronic breakdowns?

F1 is a team effort. Always. That goes for all misfortunes and cock-ups, in the cockpit or pits or garage or back at factory.


That’s OK but are we saying that Hamilton as a driver is responsible for his technical problems and that it is therefore only fair that he should suffer ? Must admit that was not my impression


You could always campaign for the rules to go back to those used last season and the season before, where the penalties that couldn’t be taken in one race would roll over to the next.
This season’s penalties are fairer in that they only affect one race.

#F1 'o^°o-

shit flows down hill and the team will come down on the driver for mistakes.


No wonder Mercedez are so laid back – with the penalties pushing Hamilton to the back of the grid, Mercedez no longer have to indulge in dirty tricks to get Rosberg to the top of the podium. Now if Rosberg can only keep his head and not do anything stupid, with Hamilton out of contention he should be a shoe in and Mercedez can stop pretending.

charlie white

At this point, just send the car and driver to the back of the grid instead of these silly sounding numerical grid penalties.


Hamilton will get fifteen places for the sixth TC and MGU-H fitted before FP1, plus a further fifteen places for the seventh TC and MGU-H fitted before FP2. He may get more (if the team thinks he needs more spare elements, and they fit another power unit before FP3. The reason they need to have the total grid place drop is because Ericsson also fitted a sixth TC before FP1 (ten places) and Alonso fitted a complete sixth power unit before FP2 after the fifth PU fitted for FP1 developed a coolant leak, so he takes a thirty five place… Read more »