Hamilton: Twitter not for me, Button: I can’t ‘un-follow’ Perez!

In the continuing and amusing saga that is Twitter-gate, Jenson Button offered a bit of a zinger today regarding the Lewis Hamilton episode. Hamilton had accused Button of disrespect for “un-following” him on Twitter which prompted Button to announce that he never did “follow” Hamilton int he first place. Hamilton reversed his position and apologized for the mistake. Button did recently add Sergio Perez as a Twitter account that he now follows and was asked by reporters to comment on the entire issue:

“There are millions of people to follow on Twitter,” Jenson told reporters. “I see him [Hamilton] every weekend.

“I follow him [Perez] because I purposely wanted to say welcome. That’s the only reason why I followed him. And now I can’t unfollow him. I’m not allowed to do anything on Twitter these days.

“For me it’s just amazing that we’re sat here talking about this, here at a grand prix.”

For Lewis Hamilton’s part, he’s admitted that perhaps Twitter isn’t his cup of tea telling Sky Sports News:

“I think in my life I am going to make lots of mistakes and that was one of them,” Hamilton told Sky Sports News. “But you learn from your mistakes and maybe twitter is not the one for me.

“It wasn’t the best of experiences and the best thing to do. I’ve put my hands up and apologised to Jenson.”

Button is right, it is a bit odd for drivers to be at a Grand Prix weekend press conference talking about Lewis Hamilton’s tweet and Button’s follow list but that’s the world of Twitter.  What used to be a social media app has turned into a news source with many of the world’s leading new agencies scouring Twitter for news and comments. It was often laughable when a news agency would quote Twitter as a source but now that laughter has turned to legitimacy and most news agencies now cite Twitter as the source of their news. Coupled with Facebook, Twitter has become the fastest, easiest way for journalists to break news and harvest research on a particular person or topic.

I won’t argue the ethical side of this debate, you can draw your own conclusions, but I will say that I find Button’s comments hilarious and one only has to look at NASCAR to see what happens when a racing series goes all in with Twitter…that timeline is simply hysterical and embarrassing at the same time.




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