Hamilton: Vettel doesn’t want to be my teammate

With Kimi Raikkonen confirmed for 2018, all eyes are on Ferrari’s contract negotiations with Sebastian Vettel for next year and beyond. The conventional wisdom is that they will get this done but there are rumors of a possible move to Mercedes.

For Lewis Hamilton, that doesn’t seem like a logical choice for Vettel:

“I think it’s highly unlikely that he will be here,” he said.

“I don’t think he wants to be my team-mate.

“I’m always game to race whoever it is, and racing against the best drivers is always a great thing.”

That’s nice of Lewis to pay the compliment but there is the recent comments from Mercedes boss Toto Wolff discussing Plan B’s over at Merc regarding their drive lineup. This is contextually positioned as a prevent method in the case of another Nico Rosberg event that left the team off guard and without a driver.

Mercedes did secure Valtteri Bottas and it is expected they will extend his contract but is Wolff hinting at a possible change? Most likely not but anything can happen in F1 and while he does discuss the driver shakeup in 2018 and 2019, is there a possibility?

“Stating the obvious. I know he doesn’t want to be my team-mate.

“He wouldn’t be in the position he’s in now, in his team, in terms of how the team operates, if he was here.”, said Hamilton.

Lewis is suggesting a position as number one driver at the team and fair enough but I’m not quite sure I would see the benefit of hiring Vettel at Mercedes if you have Hamilton and Bottas. Unless there are internal issues you weren’t happy with.

Vettel is a clear leader of Ferrari and it would seem that this is the best place for him and the team enter this weekend’s Belgian Grand Prix with a new upgrade so perhaps they will take even a bigger step toward the front, who knows?

To keep option open, however, I would imagine Vettel would only want a one year extension leaving him available for the 2019 season when everyone is up for options and contracts are expired.

Hat Tip: Autosport

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He might not want to be Hamilton’s team mate, but he might back himself for a better than 50:50 chance of the drivers championship against Hamilton, if Mercedes remains the dominant team.
That would be a Senna vs Prost scenario, two of the best three drivers in the dominant car.
If Mercedes then provided a third car for Alonso, we’d have a three way drivers championship (in spec cars).
Nah, stuff that, let’s have teams racing each other, ‘May the best Car win!’

Salvu Borg

Some people seems to still doubt as to were Vettel will be driving next year. SI VIS PACEM VOLVE BELLUM, That is apart from brain-farts that are almost always out of the same brain. Mercedes are kind of admitting they’re burning oil in excess of the amount agreed to post MONZA with this latest out of sync introduced ICE, TURBO AND MGUH after their previous ICE have hardly done more than two race weekends, the implications of which are no more engine upgrades for the rest of the season. all of this is as long as they haven’t detected some… Read more »


“If you want peace, don’t sign your lead driver’s closest rival”

Salvu Borg

That is why it is a brain fart.

Salvu Borg

“buienradar. be/weer/spa/be/27863/5daagse”.

Salvu Borg

FP1 goes to Kimi, but of interest is the fact that he registered only the 8th fastest top speed (speed trap) Bottas (1) top speed 316.3km/h, Kimi (8) top speed 305km/h.

Salvu Borg

Reports I read from SPA FPI-FP2 says Mercedes are strong on softs but vulnerable on the softer compound.
Number 44 in FP1 reported overheating of the softer tyres inside one lap and his pit-wall promptly advised their number 77 to that effect.

Formerly Known As

Yup, that blind testing of them Pirellis are really helping Ferrari blow Merc out of the water. As you said, “My opinion, and only my opinion at that, from long years of experience following F1, me says that TYRE USAGE CHARACTERISTTICS OF A CAR ARE NOT EASY THING TO CHANGE.”

Salvu Borg

SPA FP1-2 and 3 is done with, In anticipation of SPA the usual British F1 media were assuring everybody and his dog that Mercedes will make mincemeats out of FERRARI at SPA, can anybody points me to such left overs?, maybe chatty Catty will turn-up and enlighten me.

Formerly Known As

Hahaha! You couldn’t wait until Qualifying to turn into a chatty cathy. I don’t know about Merc but 44 surely made “mince meat” (your words) out of everyone. The Schumachers sent their congratulations through Ross Brawn and he delivered it to Lewis on live TV. I’m sure you enjoyed that. By the way, please enlighten us who these usual British F1 media were and what articles they pushed out to suggest that Merc would make mince meat out of Ferrari at Spa. Please provide us with links Cathy or is this another one of your normal paranoia of the British… Read more »

Salvu Borg

do you ever have anything but codswallop to post?

Formerly Known As

Another useless post from the tire whisperer.

Predictable tripe. SIGH.

Salvu Borg

I waited for after qualifying for chatty catty to turn-up and she didn’t disappointed me.
To be honest I’m pretty confused. how is number 44 only 2 tenths in front of number 5 on a 7km long power track like SPA with a new engine (ICE, TURBO and MGUH). There must be something wrong here.

Formerly Known As

Here’s your answer Cathy.

Vettel summed up, “On the last lap the car was more alive. I was lucky with Kimi who aborted the lap and he gave me a nice tow to get on to the front row.”

Or was that pushed out by the media. Still no link on the supposed mincemeat, lol.

Delusional is an understatement with you.

Salvu Borg

Kimi to the front pushers of SKY “Don’t try make a f**king stupid story”. something that parrots glee when repeating after following such pushers as those at SKY.


Well one of them sure will be displeased when Max’s contract is up at Red Bull.