Hamilton vs Vettel: Mr. Pot, meet Mr. Kettle

Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel was not happy Sunday. He wasn’t happy with Lewis Hamilton’s pass on him when the McLaren driver was a lap down or a back marker. He said it was a ‘stupid’ move to try and pass him and that it cost him second place in the race. Vettel said:

“It’s a bit stupid to disturb the leaders,” said Vettel. “He was a lap down so I don’t see the point. That potentially lost us the position to Jenson. That wasn’t nice of him.”

For Lewis’s part, he wasn’t about to lift. He’s a racer (just as anyone at McLaren who’s had to repair his damaged car) and he went for it. back marker or not, Hamilton was much quicker and passed Vettel. But that’s not all. No, the war of words continues:

“It doesn’t really bother me what he says,” Hamilton told the Daily Mirror. “I guess. It shows his maturity.

“I don’t think I’ve made any silly decisions throughout the race. I had nothing to gain apart from staying out of the way of my team-mate.

“I never give up, so I’m not going to back off and let everyone past me when I’ve got the pace to go past the guy in front.”

That’s a bit like the pot and kettle isn’t it? Two young, brash pilots having had their moments of temper tantrums and moaning calling each other babies or stupid. But that’s Formula One. The stakes are high and the temperatures even higher. It took the calm hand of a team boss to settle things down with Red Bull’s Christian Horner.

Horner said:

“We’re not saying Lewis did anything wrong,” said Horner.

“But it was nip and tuck between Fernando, Jenson and Seb. Seb probably dropped one second when Lewis unlapped himself and when you’re fighting over tenths and hundredths it’s frustrating.”

Did that calm things down? Wait…maybe that just pointed fingers more. We’ll have to wait for the soothing words of McLaren boss MArtin Whitmarsh I guess. If that doesn’t work, maybe a night in a Chinese nightclub with Adrian Sutil?

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