Hamilton: “What can I do?”

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Lewis Hamilton, obviously frustrated with the performance of the McLaren car, told teh BBC that there is no hope of any performance from the car currently. He also took a shot at McLaren for not providing him a car that can compete.

“What can I do? I drove my heart out, as I always do,” Hamilton told BBC TV. “It’s just that the car is not good. I just had no grip.

“It’s just a shame they [McLaren] haven’t given me a car to defend the championship with. The car is that bad. I’m driving the socks off it. There’s just no hope.”

After that lashing, Lewis also said he appreciate the teams efforts. Nice catch son.

“At the moment, for sure we don’t have the car to win the championship, but the team have done a fantastic job and every weekend they do a fantastic job.

“We have great reliability and the morale in the team is high. It’s just a shame they’ve not given me a car to defend the championship with.”

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