Another terrific performance from Lewis Hamilton only sets the stage for this remarkable young mans climb to the top. There is no doubt he is a talent and force to be reckoned with even if he has the best car. Here’s the Indy run-down:

Terrific coverage showing mid-field battles giving us and sponsors some much needed access to our “other” favorites on the grid. Spyker, Aguri, Red Bull, Williams and Toyota all got good air-time and coverage. Kudos to the staff and director for the feed.

McLaren- great job and Lewis was spot on. Alonso looked as if he is close to bouncing back and perhaps he will in Europe. This WC is Lewis’s to lose.

Ferrari- Great chase for Kimi and cheers to Massa for holding him off. Here’s the sad part; they should have been up front. Since last fall when Michael’s engine expired costing him the WC; I think Ferrari have been slipping steadily. The affection for Massa is fine as Todt’s son is his manager and Todt and Michael are close so Massa is a shoe-in. Although I thought it strange last year that Michael was so worried about Massa’s career that he stepped down. It is all coming together. Alonso to Ferrari and Kimi to Renault. Heidfeld to McLaren I say.

BMW- bad day for Nick. He was doing very well. Hats off to the youngest WC point scorer in history. Sebastian did a terrific job filling in for Kubica.

Toyota- 6th might as well be a podium for this beleaguered team. Jarno drove a good race and we all know he is capable of doing so. Ralf may have sealed his fate this weekend. Look out Spyker or STR; here comes Ralf.

Aguri- great job ANT! Takuma who? Give Taku a little rope and he’ll hang himself.

Williams- Nico was upset. Visibly upset. I really mean visibly upset to the point of tantrum. Calm down son; your stock is rising given you can keep your head when engines blow up.

Red Bull- Kudos to Mark. Not sure I am comfortable saying that but there it is.

STR- (see Red Bull comment)

Renault- At a boy Kovy! Way to keep that little Nelson kid out of your seat. Besides you’re in the ING commercial so you have to stay.

Honda- Shake the eight ball harder guys; or buy a new one.

Spyker- how much can you folks get for Sutil? Anyone who may have been in the same zip code as Hamilton or shaken hands with him or God willing, raced with him is at their highest market potential right now. Sutil could be the worst driver out there (he isn’t) and you could get big bucks if he shared a Red Bull with Hamilton one afternoon in GP2. Sell, sell, sell. Then take the money and build, build, build.

Speed TV- Nice job to Varsha for referring to Taku as Taku-san. Like rolling the “R’s” in Barrichello. We’re actually American, not world-traveling road scholars, and we speak English but Bob let’s us know that we are American but don’t always drink beer from the bottle. ;) Great job on the race Bob; I know you were rushed but you made it a palatable pace and weaved enough noob info in with the die-hard fan stuff. You and your crew are the best. Hobbs/Matchett race was great. Sam is the best and I do miss him. Essayist is fine but I would argue he is a true journalist and observer of competing humanity.

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