Hamilton’s Granada investment deemed ‘legitimate’

Apparently AntHam dodged a bullet with his sons investment as the Grenada tourism minister Peter David says the review showed the deal to be ‘completely legitimate’, according to the news agency Associated Press.

But as NC says, where there is smoke, there is fire and the tourism minister absolving the Hamilton’s of any impropriety in their dealings in Grenada seems a bit odd when the Prime Minister is the one who called for the investigation. The deal was rumored to have been tied to the use of Lewis as a marketing tool for the island in return for special exceptions etc. Why hasn’t the Prime minister announced the findings of the investigation he ordered or the lead investigator? Seems a bit strange that a person, who seemingly stands to gain from the deal as Lewis’s face on Grenada’s services could spur tourism, would be telling that the coast is clear and all is well with the Hamilton investment.

I bet AntHam was quite the hero for bringing money back to his home land. The locals must have thought him a hero…until they figure out their tax dollars are subsidizing the investment. ;) Just my opinion. Lewis needs a manager.

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