Hamilton’s ‘Hoonage’ hurts efficacy

Apparently, according the BBC, McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton suffered in performance due to his altercation over the weekend with Australian police. Having his car impounded for loutish behavior involving excessive wheel spinning and aggressive driving left the young Brit disheartened and this affected his race according to team boss Martin Whitmarsh:

“He was a bit distracted after what happened.

“Sometimes you have a good day, sometimes a less good day.”

“He spun his wheels away from a road junction – he shouldn’t have done it, he knows that, but he takes these things to heart,”

“It certainly played on his mind last night but because he is Lewis Hamilton it gets a lot of attention.”

Honestly I found the whole thing a bit silly. Humiliating to be sure but impounding his car seems a bit over the top. I am not aware of how strict those Aussie’s are when it comes to “improper use of a vehicle” but in the hands of Lewis Hamilton, I argue that WAS the proper use of a Mercedes. Sheesh.

I think Hamilton does get hurt by these things and part of growing up is realizing that in his station and under the scrutiny he faces, he can no longer live as he did. That is the tragic loss of innocent youth and the sobering reality of being a man of his talent and in the spotlight. Hamilton’s lashing out at his team on the radio is really just a frustration level that he felt and while it wasn’t the right thing to do, he also is young and his talent is beyond his minds ability to accept defeat.

The pivotal moment when maturity sets in and your actions aren’t gauged by the hubris and bravado of sheer talent but on measured logic, Hamilton will grow to be a complete threat in F1 for years to come. Alonso, Schumacher and even Massa have come to realize this maturity. Hamilton will get there in time and heaven knows the man has talent and pace. The mind failed to keep pace with his skills and in time those will equal out and dominate in unison with punishing results. Of that I have little doubt.

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