Hamilton’s Puncture?

There has been speculation of late as to why Lewis suffered from a de-laminating front left tire in Sunday’s Hungarian GP.  Some have suggest that he touched a wall while other seem to think he abused his tires through punishing pace and braking.  Yet others have suggested debris.  The mystery continues at Bridgestone’s Director of Motorsport has said it could have been both.  Autosport carries the story here:

“We have not found the actual cause but there is a high possibility of a puncture.

“We could not see any debris on the tread surface, although we could not analyse the shoulder area because he ran half of a lap with a depressed front tyre and the sidewalls were badly damaged. So the possibility is of a side cut, and then after that it depressed suddenly.”

There is a chance that a cut was made in the tyre in one of the areas where Hamilton had a flat spot on the tyre.

“He made many flat spots, that is true,” said Hamashima. “When there is a flat spot, it means there is a very thin shoulder area close to the ground. So maybe a sharp stone touched the sidewall, meaning there was a possibility to cause a puncture.”

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