Hannah and Rianna in GT4 | Podcast Ep 844

Formula 1 Podcast
The Parc Fermé F1 Podcast

Join me as I interview two incredibly talented young women who happen to be the drivers of the #26 Heart of Racing Aston Martin Vantage in the GT4 SRO series!

Hannah Grisham and Rianna O’Meara-Hunt are two wonderful drivers and it was a real honor to get some of their time to dive into their story. They were part of a driver search that included over 100 applicants and ended in a 9-driver shootout. Hannah and Rianna were the two selected and it’s a terrific story of how they became race car drivers.

I think you’ll enjoy hearing from Hannah and Rianna about their journey into racing and what it’s like to drive a GT4 car as well as work with Paul Charsley. :)

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This was great! Two interesting drivers, I hope they find a lot of success in the future.

Xean Drury

That was fun and interesting. Hope to see more of these going forward. Any new thoughts for TPF Stories?